Puppy mills face violation issues

Kitty Block, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, explains the dangers of big breeders and puppy mills, stating that it "leaves consumers in the dark."
6:11 | 08/27/19

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Transcript for Puppy mills face violation issues
Not next to a story here in the United States that is somewhat below the radar but troubling to anyone who's looking. To purchase a dog breed of dog or even adopt a dog as a pet here in the United States or Stephanie adds. Our agency's reporter here at ABC news is here who's been reporting this story and here to tell us more Stephanie. I'm he you know I don't have a job right now I've I've run had on growing up as a kid I remember going to. To the adoption agency scene a litter of dogs there also going to puppy mill where they've got a whole bunch of puppies. You're finding that there are new it difficulties in tracking the quality these animals they have animal rights activists very concerned Telesis. Yes so you know there at the US Department of Agriculture actually regulates most commercial animal operation similar to they would an agriculture. And there's a lot of concern now in the last several years the enforcement of those animal welfare laws intended to make sure that. Animals are healthy they're not contracting or spreading diseases. And they are you know the standards are fairly low in federal law but that there are standards of care. Like having them examined by veterinarian you know there are concerns that in the last several years. The agencies have been pulling back on that enforcement all the numbers that you used to measure these things are down. The agency has been taking a more collaborative approach saying we want to pulp. Breeders' result violations without citing them you know advocates are really concerned that that is not gonna deter bad actors. In the future. To give us sense of the practical. Problem here that's at play you've been talking to some mad dog owners people who have adopted pets purchased pets from breeders. And they bring their beloved puppy home and then they really they actually are problems with that in part because of what could have been caught through inspection costs. Well exactly so you know one of the big issues in this space is people go to find a pat. Online right the same way the U shop for anything else you might go to a web site advertising pats from different breeders' social media and and find. A photo that Q public that looks great your range jet to pay for a pick it up. You get at home in May be realized that some of the information you were given wasn't so accurate it didn't have its proper vaccinations. And and taking home a sick puppy like fat can. Mean hundreds thousands of dollars and build an also a lot of emotional poll on on those folks. And one of that the issues being brought up this that if you are trying to BS Smart consumer it's more and more difficult to get information on these breeders including. The administration's decision several years ago to take down all inspection reports and heavily redact information about and operators. We have seen a rolling back of enforcement of regulations across the board and in this administration it's certainly been troubling. Two advocates for consumers for animals as well one of those joins us now kitty block is the CEO. And Humane Society of the United States joins us. Down from here Washington DC kitty thank you so much for coming in in interesting story that as we were sane has been a bit below the radar. But you organization has been now laser focused on the rollback of enforcement these record regulations what concerns you the most right now. So far it's a problem any and there are eye popping sounds which many violations and we track this years and years. With the goal up trying to improve it. Get the information out and really let consumers. Be aware what they're doing it mean when they I eat animals need to know everything about it they need to know there are pet store source. From. Breeder or puppy now has had violations. She does information away is is different animal and it leaves consumers in our. What information should every potential. Pet owner. Make sure they have in hand kitty and how can they get it from their government or from their breeder when they go to buy a pet pet dog. Well you how our government would provide better protections but that's not in the cruel and this administration. The rule to ban should be enforced is down dramatically in the last couple years and that's a trend that is continuing. And to trends on acceptable. Have to be more accountability. Have to be accessed information and that's something that we're gonna continue to fight or it's something that consumers should abdicate for. On the and then when you see you if you're going to go to her breeder may and visits this error is. Don't donate any transactions our own online. On you've got to see it to make sure where these animals are being branded. That if they housing is is she means that their conditions are good in the animals are English day. And then. Don't go I mean at the bottom line is at stores where you don't know where these animals coming from an attack coming from being breeders' big puppy mills. That's usually revs keeper for faster. And finally kitty is there been any effort on the part of the humane society to work with congress to legislate. Into law some of the concerns you have about regulating these these places what's the latest on that front. We can't we can't ask for many many years she gets a more federal oversight is is challenging. Challenging climate right now we have been going skate stage and we had bound. Passions on the most recent one on the wing Aaron weekend brought started much higher in the song I state legislation. To really get this problem and we're gonna continue going skate our study states that seems to be having the most traction. But this is an issue the federal government is charged with overseeing is charged with regulating. They got to be more bombs they got to make sure these facilities were counted wrong. I certainly if a fascinating problem with the implications for anybody that owns it pat wants to buy a pat. I certainly going to breeders' over the south holiday weekend something to keep reminding people ox CEO of the humane society of America thanks so much for coming on can be on the shortness.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Kitty Block, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, explains the dangers of big breeders and puppy mills, stating that it \"leaves consumers in the dark.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65228519","title":"Puppy mills face violation issues","url":"/US/video/puppy-mills-face-violation-issues-65228519"}