Questions arise as Trump pulls ex-CIA director's security clearance

In an interview, Trump appears to contradict the White House's explanation for revoking John Brennan's security clearance.
2:27 | 08/16/18

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Transcript for Questions arise as Trump pulls ex-CIA director's security clearance
And now let's move on to the White House if the president was trying to move silence his critics then made having worked so much former CIA director John Brennan. After it was announced yesterday by Sarah Huckabee Sanders that his security clearance and be revoked. Well then he made the rounds on television he has an op then Allah in the New York Times today. Pushing back against the president and so let's go to the White House virgin named Norman is an engine may. Like I said some people feel that this is a sign that the president has been trying to silence his critics the White House contends that. But what are the pieces that are falling into place what are they telling us. Right so we're also getting kind of shifting explanation when Sarah Sanders the white house Press Secretary. First read the statement from president trump regarding his decision to revoke John Brennan security clearance. The president cited erratic behavior he said the former CIA director. Has a history of behavior that calls into question his credibility. And objectivity he said that Britain and has had made out on fire. Unfounded an outrageous allegations. And has had wild outburst about the administration how fast forward a couple of hours and that reasoning. Begins to old bald right so in the interview with the Wall Street Journal the president and connects it to the Russia investigation it's almost reminiscent of that James Kobe firing we have one explanation. One reason for an and that's our shift. And before you know it the president ties it to the Russian investigation. Genes only. It actually listed as one of nine people in the White House they could also. Have their security clearances revoked also on that list includes the likes of Peter struck Andrew McKay James clapper Sally eighth Lisa pace there are nine of them they are people who had either been critical of the president or found themselves in opposition of him and some are calling. Some critics are wondering if this is kind of an enemy list threatening. To pull security clearances of people who the president. Doesn't like. But so far as part people wonder this is an attempt to silence critics. As part John Brennan goes it does not it hasn't seemed to work alone as you said he wrote an op Ed in the New York Times where he says that the president's claims of no collusion with rush hour I'll watch. Adding that he things that that's why president from revoked his security clearance and he believes that the president is trying to silence. Anyone who challenges. The daily drama that comes from the White House.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"In an interview, Trump appears to contradict the White House's explanation for revoking John Brennan's security clearance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57221011","title":"Questions arise as Trump pulls ex-CIA director's security clearance","url":"/US/video/questions-arise-trump-pulls-cia-directors-security-clearance-57221011"}