Questions over Hunter Biden's foreign deals

Joe Biden's son may have profited from his father's position as vice president.
3:59 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for Questions over Hunter Biden's foreign deals
Doing business in the same countries where the former vice president was doing diplomatic work so I'm joined by Tom comments to break this down thumb. What's at issue in why is this something that voters. Should be concerned about this section issue that Jo white has been dealing with since 2014 when he was the vice president. At issue essentially is what happened with his son Hunter Biden. Who is either dating appoints the boards we're doing business in countries where Joseph Biden was the lead diplomat for the Obama administration. Later be Ukraine and or China. In Ukraine right after the revolution 2014 Joseph fighting goes to see Anthony says. We're gonna help out we're gonna help this new government we're gonna bring economic aid and we're gonna root out corruption. Just weeks after that Hunter Biden is appointed to the board of directors. Although company in Ukraine and natural gas company that was being investigated for corruption. He has no experience in Ukraine he has no experience and an action and and natural gas sector that we know right okay he had been on other boards before him was a corporate lawyer but. This surprise a lot of people in Ukraine because it according to the bank records we obtained was his firm was making more than a million dollars a year off to sports seat. And it just came at a strange time because Joseph Biden was are seen we're gonna fight corruption and then this happens we're now Jo white has said. He didn't know about this human about a press reports he says he's never spoken to his son about his son's business. Hunter Biden his lawyer said the same thing that that the father and son have had never talked about this. But it happening Ukraine and it and then something else happen in China where Hunter Biden flew an air force to. With Joseph Biden as he was vice president. And then a couple weeks later we learned that one of hunters firms he's gonna do a deal with the bank of China. They did country agreement for investment fund and on the web site they were hoping to raise according to press reports one point five billion dollars yeah so the tiny. Is is suspect and people are bringing this up and they have Republicans like president trump like Rudy Giuliani are bringing this up. Now are at the adding more fuel fire of course they're playing politics with this we try to get some answers from Joseph Biden we reach out to his campaign several times. We have an open line of communication we wanted to sit down and talk to him he said he beating what you wanna do that so that we try to go and get him and then you you obviously brush this off. Yet one thing I have to ask you there was a similar to presidents from been his kids having you know different businesses overseas is there any eats a completely fair comparison act. An ethics expert we talked to a guy from public citizen which is a government watchdog that sort out specializes in a lot of this stuff who has hammered the troll family. The president and his children for what appears to be conflicts of interest he's hammered them he says. This appears to be used were the same thing right you know he told us in our report Joseph Biden should've asked when provided to step down. Just for the optics if anything else yet you know and he says. At minimum there was a conflict so do you think of course you're honest you're reporting on it your finding out the information but do you think. Voters are paying that much attention do they care about these details because you know you don't watch all of the news you think people are going to be focused on us. I mean we we put the story out there and it's information 88 it's a story that we wanted to look into and you know whether the voters pay attention or not mean we have no control over that. But I think every candidate should be vetted. That that is gonna run for the highest office in the land our job as journalists is to ask tough questions to both sides and that's what we're doing here well one question I have for you is hunter still on the board for this company now he he's not in a statement to us he told us that. That his board. Is board membership expired it happened to expire this same month Joseph Biden. Announced he's running for president now Hunter Biden says that happened at the same time. And because of the political climate in part he decided not to renew his membership he was there for five years well. All right Tommy ominous thank you for breaking it down we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Joe Biden's son may have profited from his father's position as vice president. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63840674","title":"Questions over Hunter Biden's foreign deals","url":"/US/video/questions-hunter-bidens-foreign-deals-63840674"}