Racial Profiling On the Rise

Local radio host urging people to take action against illegal profiling.
1:27 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for Racial Profiling On the Rise
-- -- smoother ride the horse owner of legal US citizen says He only gets -- by. His father. The almost like him. Very comfortable. Being comfortable because when I'm driving the other car they never stop. But none can't overcome a similar incidents of racial profiling people being like did what -- asking for -- and school -- Assistant attorney general and US technology demands. If somebody wants to take a lie under their own hand we have a very strong message for you which is that will throw the book at you. Highs against -- -- like domestic violence and human trafficking -- and reported it's troubling to me. At any time where we help folks who feel like they can't report. Crimes to us. We need to be engaged with the community that's in the event of overall suit but economists also trying to gauge the commuting by using Hispanic media to get up -- up -- message. Where this as you will do for a tomato. Tsunami. Earthquake it's a catastrophe. And we are recommending. For them to have a plan. A plan establishing guardianship of legal children power of attorney for property how to reunified anyone in the vehement in his arrest him -- separated. Uncertainty. And the lack of information. Creates --

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{"id":14744515,"title":"Racial Profiling On the Rise","duration":"1:27","description":"Local radio host urging people to take action against illegal profiling. ","url":"/US/video/racial-profiling-rise-14744515","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}