Getting ready for people to storm Area 51

The countdown to an infamous Facebook event has begun and 12,000 people are expected to attend.
2:13 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Getting ready for people to storm Area 51
I'm of the betting here in Bakersfield. And the there 51 and then invested in the web by force is almost here today weren't able to speak with the creator Matty Roberts exclusively as he heads to Nevada to but the final touches on the event. I didn't think Ed ELI waited a batter right now our post this thing like it did talk that nuts. We are just days away from the storm area 51 they can't stop us Holliday went. Now turn exit rusty real festival which was just approved for its final permit in Nevada. Come on board that accident EP that you didn't. Like us now face the same they want all to yourself that's really cool. Some all the folks that you have concerns that there land they doubt about. All those concerns. Nuisance that security was four does need a guest in these people's neighbor I don't trash so. Roberts is heading to Nevada on Friday and will stay into the end of September to work on the festival due to the demands of cleaning Robert says he's had to make some light changes to accommodate the needs of the festival. On taking a semester off just for the state the sticking up literally all my time. I wake up thinking about this thing right speedy tired about the thing that I go to sleep thinking about the think so at notes are. School the free festival is expected to have an out of this world entertainment a dot size beer pong over 25 vendors and art installations. For sure can't he's always fun absent activities to do and can't Peterson be a lot of music prequel lot of lot all artists while there's going to be a lot of wires up their contacts but it E Street artists. To secede let it be a decent life art. The principal has are resold over 5000 campsites in is expected to how close to 121000 people just in its first year would much attention around it that he even caught the attention of the FBI Robert says he's constantly in communication west and the ticket opera cautions. On the perimeter that a personal love law enforcement is its huge help. Now we have security both outside and you just work on our security insides we contract security companies outs of the mixers notre radicalize this thing. Robert says they have some big name artists attending but they can't release earnings yet Indy have a surprise sponsor. Roberts wants to remind attendees that they're not want to storm area 51 black in Dayton about it and possibly make this is only decked. In baker solos that anchor ABC news life.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"The countdown to an infamous Facebook event has begun and 12,000 people are expected to attend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65499176","title":"Getting ready for people to storm Area 51","url":"/US/video/ready-people-storm-area-51-65499176"}