Record rainfall in Houston as searing heat lingers out West

Houston suffered through a deluge while heat advisories remain elsewhere.
1:57 | 07/05/18

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Transcript for Record rainfall in Houston as searing heat lingers out West
We begin with extreme summer weather that scorching parts of the country. In soaking up. In Houston record rainfall of up to four inches per hour triggered flash flooding at least 160. Drivers were stranded. That led to some dramatic water rescues. Like a family of five saved by this good samaritan. It's very scary at that didn't make his case here give yourself you're concerned for your own safety. Concerns the safety of the children and everybody involved. Thank you don't know what else could be in that water to. And you know what else is heading your way counties west of Houston could see even more heavy rain through the morning. Just about everywhere else it's all about the heat. Especially in the drought stricken west where those high temperatures dry conditions and gusty winds are fueling dozens of wildfires here's ABC's Natalie for now. More than sixty wildfires burning across thirteen states where rated to go we have cute. Yeah. The county fire roared to life Saturday afternoon about fifty miles northwest of Sacramento. Quickly spilling into wine country growing almost a thousand acres in our. Looking to more than 80000 acres by Wednesday morning the rates of spread word. They were dangerous than they were explosive fire crews working around the clock to protect more than a thousand homes threatened some residents refusing to eat making sure that. I think when I wake up in the morning at the houses on fire that I know I did my best. Meanwhile in Colorado this spring fire torching more than a 130 square miles the State's second largest buyer in history. This security camera capturing the moments flames overwhelm a couple's vacation cabin. More than a hundred homes reduced to rubble asked for California we don't see this type of fire activity. Intel about August. But we've already had two major fires the pothole in county fires together torching nearly a 100000. Acres combined. Natalie Bernal ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":56377894,"title":"Record rainfall in Houston as searing heat lingers out West","duration":"1:57","description":"Houston suffered through a deluge while heat advisories remain elsewhere.","url":"/US/video/record-rainfall-houston-searing-heat-lingers-west-56377894","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}