Relatives of YouTube shooting suspect say they warned police

ABC News' Zachary Kiesch is in San Bruno, California, with the latest on the YouTube shooting.
4:52 | 04/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Relatives of YouTube shooting suspect say they warned police
We want to go now over to act to California we want to go to San Bruno California that's for YouTube headquarters it is the scene yesterday there. Quite terrified ABC Zachary key issues on the scene Zachary. Bring us the latest there looks like it's still a crime scene. Yet you're absolutely right it's still a crimes in your arms misstep by the way and that viewers kind of get a peek of what's going on here just behind me here. This is the YouTube campus that owning ratepayers one of the main entrances 901 here we're all this went down we're learning more data about miss odd common kind of the way that she viewed YouTube. We understand from the chief police did she was unhappy with their procedures in their policies. But it's also interesting because she used the platform to. Push her own views her own message should get about 5000 viewers are so when. Point she talked about. Rebuttal of animals about eating V in the by the number of different things and she felt. That again YouTube was again restricting growth with a bit so. We're doing a little walk and talk right now I'm gonna kind of point out again exactly where we are YouTube. To my right right here a business interests are kind of a strip mall to my left straight years we're getting firsthand accounts from people that were here yesterday that. Essentially tell us when all this went down when shots rang out number people were able to get out of the building. Many of them ran this way we were hearing that one particular woman who had gunshot through word leg. Ran into Carlos junior there was some gentlemen there word just eating lunch in. You know rose the UK's in is as did other folks in there and try to care for her as best they could they called mama one. Others continued to run we talked a business owner a little bit further down who. Said a couple people came in one woman had a a bullet lodged in her shoe. Another person had blood all over their face. I'm we're gonna continue to walk up here because this back area is a real point of of interest because. This is where we believe we're police believe. All of this this shooting went down. We're going to again just continue to walk here so bear with me a little bit things are pretty quiet around here today YouTube. Told their employees to stay home to work from home today yesterday was it was kind of eerie when me guys you're used to employees. Just kind of wandering around walking down the street many of them with no belongs in the sell for in their hand colors. Just had just had a laptop underneath their own known ahead. This look of disbelief on their stories. You're in you really got a sense of of the the panic the few year. Kind of the raw emotions of the event when you've looked at them you know. Many of them were huddled around each other maybe there'd be five or six with her arms over each other. I don't know if they're praying urges providing collective support others were crying. It was it was quite the scene so we're up here now you see this yellow police tape here. This is an outdoor area. You see the red can of peas. Up there the police they've obviously this is all closed off. But it's believed that this is where the shooting happened. And we're still learning more commission today about exactly how permits are down. Got in the building. Really fluid situation here again no employees lots of media around and rule gonna stay on top with they've. You guys. And one of the jump in ask you what we know more about that. That's the suspect police overnight. Saying. Contrary to initial reports of social media she didn't appear to have ties to any of the victims. On in in fact that we're hearing from our affiliate that her family may have notified police about her intent to go to YouTube. What do you know. Yet that's right that's right her her family legged. The police. With concern about the fact that she may come here it's my understanding that you his. In San Diego staying with her grandmother she was missing. And when they kind of tractor and realized where she was in realize her proximity to YouTube they reach out to local police may be reached out to police. And let let them know that she might be some that they want to keep an ion it's my understanding that police did make contact with they're in Mountain View. But just about twelve hours after. She connected with police who rather pleased connected with her the shooting happened so there were certainly some reflects. Very scary scene there yesterday Zachary he's thanks so much for your reporting in for being there.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"ABC News' Zachary Kiesch is in San Bruno, California, with the latest on the YouTube shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54232771","title":"Relatives of YouTube shooting suspect say they warned police","url":"/US/video/relatives-youtube-shooting-suspect-warned-police-54232771"}