Religious Leaders Discuss How Religion Is Impacting Some of the Hottest Topics in the News

Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders talk about the dangers of stereotyping and making generalizations about large groups.
8:26 | 12/04/15

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Transcript for Religious Leaders Discuss How Religion Is Impacting Some of the Hottest Topics in the News
So what Catholic did you know at a muzzle look into the BL OK let's. Okay seriously now. They are here right now to talk about how religion is impacting some of the hottest topics in the news so please welcome. CNN's faith and religion contribute chair and host of ABC families and Sunday mass the lovely and talented father redwood back. I'm not Romaine rule I always say that run down on Romaine and Judaism a century New York rabbi David into Barack. Actress out why they women's Islamic initiative for spirituality and equality daisy can't welcome to this. After the tragedy and not San Bernardino. The couple of the New York Post. Rules on the newsstands this is our local paper here. God said Muslim kill lives. There it as you can see it up there it's as a leader of the Muslim community what's your reaction. So that headline. Well you know we just had a big shooting at the Planned Parenthood and it was done by a guy who professed to be a devout Christian yet so we never called it Christian Keller exactly we just call them whatever we call him. And the thing is that way new label an entire community by the actions of a few. All you do is to lump everybody together and I'm sure that Christians would not want to be lumped together with the actions of that one person. So Muslims feel that. This kind of a statement. Is an inflammatory. It's incendiary and actually endangers the lives of ordinary Muslims who are citizens of this country didn't get courses since the Islamic phobia it actually cousins and is homophobia because it plays into the hands of the terrorists because what the 10% doing that watching everything that's going on. In the US and they take every statement that is made by the politician in. Or by eight you know whatever the newspapers as saying and then they posted out and they say UCU western Muslims living in new countries he see how they treat you. They don't treat you as equal citizens and that is what I would allow some people to be recruited dance to the recruitment app MEL I don't movement is evidence is in their magazine so we know it so why do we do it. Kids here I mean it breeds fear and also it actually it. It it covers over the common enemy that we have the common enemy is ignorance and bigotry and and so to label entire group is is asleep on American. Yet to say then retired Rupert terrace and our our country was founded on the premise that people could come to this country and and live their religious freedoms and so Muslims. Of all different kinds of all different places that some a billion yet to hear. Skimmed their back so yesterday that New York Daily News said the cover was got isn't fixing mess. And there is a bunch of backlash on social media that was calling out people that while praying for the Vick that's. Do you think that there's a war on prayer. I don't think it has anything to do with the war on prayer you know there's a letter of James in the new tests and then it says. If you see is someone colds. And hungry and you say to them. There you keep warm and well fed but do nothing to meet their bodily needs what good is that. It's prayer and action. Jesus healed people he said people Justin just pray for them. I don't think this is a warrant for I'd saying put your money where your mouth is walk. This is up they question of Syrian refugees you know because typically have a moral obligation to to help refugees in this country. Absolutely and the innocent with Leonard made for you and me and the planners made for your name means that Mike and following inning and it was made it for you and me and I'm not. I don't. I'm but not after. So much like my father was born in Berlin 1933 came over here 1938 my grandparents were immigrants. We are a country that is stronger because of the immigrants are real are not only that. We have a moral obligation in the Bible itself no fewer than fifty times the bottle reminds. The Israel likes and then the Jews that they were once strangers in a land that wasn't theirs and to this country was founded on the principle. Of an open door that is of course it doesn't mean that we're not secure and safe for two. So miss the opportunity to beat the best America that we can be given right no in this instance is really very very important. The days Iliescu then what do you say to people are afraid that you know. That you'll have some terrorists sneaking in with the refugees that's the fear I that's causing this kind of he counseled somebody you know said that if this lifesaving program which has. You know settled scores of people that have come to this country suddenly became a pipeline for terrorism. It's not a pipeline for terrorism yes saved lives I just posted five people in my home for Thanksgiving refugees. Four of them had just landed a week ago. And I asked him what do you love about this country they kissed the ground here. And before that had come he had waited ten years Exel to get access and they would like we love this country for its freedom and what what it stands for and all they were thinking about it was not plotting. They with thinking a lot weighing how to get my next job how to get my language skills. What's the evidence the violence in this country is being perpetrated mostly. But people born here it's not refugees coming in from the outside. Before we before we closed the open doors those who need this country let's close the loopholes that allow those who run a no fly list. Three other walking anywhere and by gunmen battled those not. Heck. In addition to questioning safety and security people also start to question their faith in times of tragedy like this so as religious. And leaders in your community how do you guide people when. When these tragedies happen. I encourage them to question their faith why shouldn't we question our faith when stuff happens and we don't understand that we say we're is a good god and that's how can this happen. If you say well I'm just gonna believe and I don't really care to have any answers I think that's nice today I think is really just have doubt of course that it was. I mean god can handle it you know god can handle our I don't have to worry about god I can't. Handle it it's a great title why Shimon Quintana that we understand that all are doing well Cohen exactly gabbana and can't. Handel has gets. It is that is a good time. Your time. The time of the year when we focus on faith especially as the days get shorter and darkness is much more it's much more apparent. You know we have holidays about lightly or holidays are comic and about about Christmas and I think it's really important we speak to people who were in the dark. There we say that. The most important things to keep searching you looking for you know and our tradition comic as it is is. A holiday where we found it was our oil so we keep looking into the jar of oral even in the midst of the darkness and we have a deep faith picked even though it's not clear we'll find it that's okay. It's assuming on the topic of Chanukah and in the Jewish people Donald Trump is getting some flak for some comments. That he made it that the Republican Jewish coalition's presidential formally started by mentioning that his daughter is Jewish and then he said this watch the Scott. You know come and negotiate a like you folks would negotiate is you wanted to renegotiate deals we have some of us renegotiate deals I would say about 99.9 is there anybody that doesn't mean negotiate deals and this from Obama. Yeah yeah I. Received so many awards from Jewish groups and they look at my wall it's loaded up. And but now the Christians are catching up I have to tell you could. Now he seems to be a bit making life safe speaking out that though they Vietnam anti defamation league says it's fine then not really upset with the but did that they you know it's a little stereotypical the Jews of the negotiators and all that I cannot. We are very dangerous it's there type in gentler Jews yeah. I'm and it's inked in general you know making generalizations about large groups of people that weighs very easily in an entertainer listen Argyle troubled entertainer. And I don't think he had any ill intent but I think it is dangerous. To say something like that to some degree I think that he needs to roll that back slightly and say that he was over often is clearly trying to you know think all you regulate. You know I asked god to come. What are your your own McLaren compound all right let's slow this is interesting let's light for Donald to meditate pray. Not and. Thanks. So my father. Rabbi David anger and daisy.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders talk about the dangers of stereotyping and making generalizations about large groups.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"35586713","title":"Religious Leaders Discuss How Religion Is Impacting Some of the Hottest Topics in the News","url":"/US/video/religious-leaders-discuss-religion-impacting-hottest-topics-news-35586713"}