Remains found with possible ties to police chief’s 1980 killing, authorities say

Authorities found what appear to be human remains behind a backyard shed in Massachusetts.
4:00 | 07/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Remains found with possible ties to police chief’s 1980 killing, authorities say
State trooper was assigned to them Massachusetts attorney general's office of Maury Healy. Obtained a search warrant at when he met maple creek strive to be Dresser across the street. That search warrant was executed today. It was related to the murder of Sheen chief Gregory Adams. Of sex and birth Pennsylvania. On December 4 1980. As a result of of the execution of the search warrant. What appeared to be human remains. Have been discovered. An autopsy will be contacted and identification. Of the remains. The attempted during that process would wheel her truck. I want to thank the attorney general's office in Massachusetts Maury Healy and it troopers. For initiating. This portion of the investigation. Again related death. She'd Adams. 27 years ago. Also won a thing. Pennsylvania state police who were involved with this matter for the last 27 years the FBI. Stacy Peterson sank. Arab office of the some damage to his office again attorney general's office and state police. Working together. That have brought us to this point. The investigation is ongoing. As they said it will continue. And at this point. There's not. Much more than I can say they also would like to know would. Chief Joseph Beecham. Hear from sex and bird. Just was present here today and thank them for taking time to come down here for men. Six in the investigation that's important and so this point that's all I have. Take a couple questions if I can but I'm not gonna get in between many specifics Youkilis we're in the backyard in the line. A portion of the bad he had that was. Off to the left people have been here all day about. At this point your territories as a party what appear to be human remains have been discovered. There's a process that's followed. He identified them and determine the meandering cause of death so that's next. Step that we are similarly whenever mr. Webb. I wouldn't comment on the site says that that was hot of this investigation. A warrant was issued for his arrest a number of years ago for the murder she. But at this point. And told me. Process of forensic process moving forward. Identifies the remains. So he's an eventual. There would not comment on that at this point we are absolutely when. No crime. At this point no. As I said would try to provide information at this point but that's what an ongoing investigation is as I said. Police executed a search warrant here today as a result what appeared to be human remains have been. Discovered we'll see hopefully will be identified and that process will take place over the next several days. In a hidden room in the house. And mark an apartment on it. Any specifics of that as ice. This is ongoing it step by step. Pretty general's office. Massachusetts attorney general's office obtained a search warrant. Part of the investigation in this homicide it brought us here today search has been executed in as I told you. Would appear to be human remains have been discovered the specifics of anything else I'm not going to get into this points.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Authorities found what appear to be human remains behind a backyard shed in Massachusetts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"48637544","title":"Remains found with possible ties to police chief’s 1980 killing, authorities say","url":"/US/video/remains-found-ties-police-chiefs-1980-murder-authorities-48637544"}