Rep. Bill Keating: World can count on US to deal with Putin

The congressman weighs in ahead of President Joe Biden’s meeting with the Russian president.
9:50 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for Rep. Bill Keating: World can count on US to deal with Putin
The relations between the United States and Russia center the worst level since the Cold War for good reason Russia keeps attacking this country and others cyber. And also military attacks in in the country's near them. And so what will constitute. A positive result for the United States when president Joseph Biden faces off with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Switzerland tomorrow we'll joining us now to discuss that. Democratic congressman Bill Keating of Massachusetts. Garden thanks for being with us. I think he caricature. Well you serve on both the foreign affairs and the armed services committee so that that the couple of lenses on this critical relationship here. Why would you like to hear from the president coming out of his meeting with President Putin tomorrow. Well first all it's gonna be inescapable just like that you get on before saint call one this summit. Well. I firmly believe that president Biden has wandered the beach forty let's start. Because what I want to see reinforce that this meeting is the strong alliance we have we want you in the US that the Russians or the Chinese don't. We have a coalition. A coalition that's been with us for half a century ticket we are transatlantic coalition. So. Before this mediocre started president Biden said. Sales for the victory because. He solidify that relationship and go to NATO and just talk about the cost of NATO he talked about the value of eight. And so be so we've had trade agreements that are. Months long years on some of them. All of a sudden coming together. As a result of the work he's done before so he's got wac game record most months pregnant you're. I you're divided from the US allies. East Biden has already secured debt coming into the meet. Yeah I get cannot follow up on than just press you a little bit do you really think that that. The solid relationship between the United States and NATO allies and Europe in general. Can be repaired with just a visit if you would the prime minister of a European country after American voters the American constitution put Donald Trump in the presidency. And he undermined those relationships. To the cheers of millions Americans get you really count on America African un ring the trump bell. You can I head without exaggeration over 200 meetings the last few years we've European officials date. Still trusted and us. Despite what was going on the last few years they desperately wanted US to become engaged again and take not just be harder but take a leadership role. SO even if you look at the polling among European. People were within its respective countries we're seeing dramatic changes where the US favorability which was 11% is now center. So yes. That is happening and it's happening with. Trust because. Despite some discord of the last few years. These were decades. Buildings replace judge. Okay so another shoe do you think president Biden should negotiate a release. Of those two American former Marines Trevor Reid and Paul Whelan Waylon and reed's family pleaded for that do you think a prisoner swap or something like that would encourage the Kremlin. Just a target more American to some people have warned. Well I've been yeah it's 900 days I think tomorrow. For all Wheeling. And Trevor Reese jamming it are obvious that he is suffering the same way now. Not been in touch with the cheerleaders cheered are written a letter to all we have an. Communicated to our State Department and other state department's ES forcing this chips net. Paul Whelan is being held unjustly or read is being held unjustly. There's been discussions informal I don't know I wouldn't I wouldn't categorize them as formal discussions about prisoner slots. But that the people that are being discussed right now when you consider a free our prisoners to ask that you saw a equivalency. And it. Frankly with the names that are being thrown around from the Russian side there's not that kind of equivalency although. I hope they. We aren't family. We Dan Rea. Desperately hope we come to some agreement if that it involves some kinder slop of individuals so be it. But I think it has to be someone. Oh and unequivocal. Not a quote about an equitable kindest law. And so huddle when did president Biden and President Putin will be in that room tomorrow. But there is another presence there really another adversary in a way aligned with Russian that's China. At the NATO summit Biden and other NATO leaders released a communique. Labeling China as a challenge to global security really a turn. Four NATO in its attitude towards China a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry today response saying quote he Ara of one country. Or a bloc of countries dictating world affairs. Is over so how do you see the threat that China poses strictly as a little as Russia tries to align more closely with it. And and how do you think the president is handling that in this mean. There's no question that China is our greatest start right out and he talked to our allies talked to other world leaders. That's clear. Dessert is it balance being struck Keira. Trying to take the western countries the debt program democratic countries. And coming together because we realized. If we're in Europe authoritarianism and at the top of that list is China. Russia's economies. Nothing compares it to China's. The threat is nothing compared to China's although they have nuclear weapons and nick great provocative towards. And in need a lot of room. Difficult right now cyber cops. On issues out. Human rights. There are problem but China is the number one threat. Coming out of this week. Where the president has been in you're talking to your Ian eaters. Any will continue on this course. We're gonna band together. We have the coalition I spoke about China does not object coalition I think that's why an eight Terry that's why did eject statement. That they did that your worst nightmare is coalition. June of democratic countries are coming together. Why would the to turn to about another one of the one of the deliverables you might say out of that detonators some out of the EU. At NATO US talks in the president announced the deal would deal on an issue that that I've been reading about for decades. The fight over aircraft subsidies subsidies the US subsidizing owing. And the European subsidizing. Airbus part of the reason both sides agreed to suspend tariffs on each other's planes is that they could focus on countering China. So how significant is this step and you think Ed the president is doing enough on trade it to check China. Like Europe did that was it nature. Success. At these meetings. It you know what it translates to renew US have. Security over aeronautics industry it needs securing. Over a million US jobs this very court to us. But as you mentioned Terry has a bigger role to world why. As. The European economy and the US economy would be about a half the world's GTE together. So. We have to deal from strength in that regard. And we we can we start resolving these trade issues we're moving. Strongly. Along those lines end and we also opened the door for technological kind of discussions going forward. Making sure that. We we can begin more earnest discussions about steel and aluminum Ani di the US trade representative is the air and will continue. The discussions even as the president is leading. One of those visions about a flown under the radar for people that is quite significant but now let's talk about the big picture. With president Biden on the world stage what do you think has been his most significant action of the biggest change in direction we've seen so far. From president vice. I think its stability. Experienced predictability it sounds and some very exciting. Back got to tell you. The European. Officials have talked to Dick Bennett wanting that at the last four years. And they're getting you know they always say to me. You know we have the same concerns you do. We Russia except we are neighbors. They share borders many of those countries. In Europe they have had the aggressiveness that scene and Georgia and Ukraine and the threats that have occurred. In Eastern Europe. These are real concerns they have. And did have a predictable stable US is essential. But even more so I think figures seen from this trip and it's C yet would this summit. They'll be leadership coming back from the US which is not going to be one of the app and our allies don't want us to be. They want US the US to take that leadership position and president Biden brings that Winick also experienced. People are asking a question I think is always why is Joseph Biden are ready for this up. Well he's only been preparing for most disliked. As for sure in any he'd be the first guy's been around. A long time and he brings that experience to the table there congressman Bill Keating Massachusetts thanks for being with us. Angster.

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