Retired administrator fatally stabbed at campus

A retired administrator was stabbed to death on California State University Fullerton's campus Monday morning, launching a manhunt for the suspect.
2:53 | 08/20/19

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Transcript for Retired administrator fatally stabbed at campus
Also the meantime we are following a developing story from California where police are on the hunt for a killer after a stabbing on a college campus. They say retired administrator was found dead in tightest part house people or ten. And officers found an incendiary device and weapons under the car police say this appears to be a targeted attack not random. The suspect reportedly fled on foot. We have new information about the firing of a new York city police officer five years after he held Eric garner in a choke hold the governor families vowing to push for more changes. While we learn how this controversial decision about the officers future was mate. This morning the officer fired for the choking death of Eric garner is filing an appeal to get his job back but. It's clear that Daniel pan taleo can no longer effectively serve as a new York city police officer. Daniel pent to lay ill fired five years after garnered died on a New York street. ABC news has learned the police commissioner's decision surprised even the top members of his staff. Some of them even learned about the decision on TV eight comes after an administrative judge recommended. Had to lay ill be terminated despite the officers denial that he used a banned choke hold. Judge found painfully o.s actions were reckless during Gardner's arrest for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. The move triggered a fatal asthma attack. Yeah. Today's a day of reckoning but can also be a day Rick conciliation. How many cop a long time. If I was still a cop. I probably be mad at me. I would. In out raids police union accuses the commissioner of giving in to anti police extremists the leadership. Has abandoned ship. And left our police offices. On this street. Allow New York mayor and presidential candidate bill the blahs DOD nice pressuring the commissioner to act but says the right decision was mate. Today. We're finally seeing justice done. The decision a New York comes as California's governor signs in new law in the wake of the 2018 police shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento the new law will require police use deadly force only when necessary rather than when it's reasonable that means officers could face criminal charges if an investigation finds that other less lethal police methods could have been used. One thing to sign a piece of paper. Pass legislation. Another to change hearts and minds to change culture. Meanwhile back in New York the family of Eric garner says the firing of officer pent taleo is not enough they want a law making police choke holds illegal. Until and you may have lost our job. A sudden right now you'll couldn't get another job may be Edberg that came out and officer painfully as firing means he won't get as full pension hill only received the money he personally contributed to.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A retired administrator was stabbed to death on California State University Fullerton's campus Monday morning, launching a manhunt for the suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65070831","title":"Retired administrator fatally stabbed at campus","url":"/US/video/retired-administrator-fatally-stabbed-campus-65070831"}