David Robinson, Member of Original 'Dream Team,' Thanks Vets

Robinson talks about his time in the Navy and privilege of being a veteran.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for David Robinson, Member of Original 'Dream Team,' Thanks Vets
-- mainly what influenced my decision to join the navy was that my grandfather was in the army my father had been in the navy and retired. And they had tremendous experiences in the navy. And so for me. I looked forward to that I know it helped them grow up and find what they wanted to do in and gave -- tremendous experience. So so the -- look like a pretty good options and -- I told my -- that bed being at the Naval Academy was. Tough to say the least. Tried I told them it was a tough place to be but a great place to be from an and that's really -- true all of my classmates from the Naval Academy all -- the storm phenomenal and phenomenally well. And and an all look back on our time together as -- best times of our lives so the academy is is a great place. Well the biggest lesson I took away from my time -- was -- how important. Being in the military really is how how important it it is to our country that we go -- do our job well. You know you get a great sense of service. And you you begin to understand all these people leave their lives down so that our country can have the freedoms that we have today and we've got to add our names to that great list we got to build on a great foundation which had already -- -- And and it made me very proud to be able to serve and and it makes me very thankful for those who serve now. Why I do have a message for all the men and women and active duty now. There first of why I really appreciate your service I appreciate what you're doing the sacrifices that -- making so that our lives can be. The quality -- that they are now so there -- country can have the standing that it has now. Just on a personal level. I want to thank you.

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{"id":17668690,"title":"David Robinson, Member of Original 'Dream Team,' Thanks Vets","duration":"3:00","description":"Robinson talks about his time in the Navy and privilege of being a veteran.","url":"/US/video/robinson-david-veteran-dream-team-navy-military-us-17668690","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}