Rooftop Thief's $30K Rare-Coin Heist

The suspect allegedly sawed through the Washington coin store's roof to access the goods.
1:40 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rooftop Thief's $30K Rare-Coin Heist
I just thought oh my god -- Oh my -- my whole life. Crews patched the hole in freight house square where a rooftop burglar cut his way into the American rare coins and collectibles -- everything known as in the store the burglar tied erupted this satellite -- dropped it through this hole in the roof and then -- his weight down into the coin shop. The first thing with my mind is. I'm out of these -- thousand dollars may be even more surveillance video captures the crook running toward the Tacoma shops showcases early Sunday morning. The brazen burglar braces to the rare -- room where owner ray Brent only allows regulars he runs to assemble cabinets looking around not knowing what's in trying to get in cabinets known noticing that there are locked at the pops a counter and grabs a bag leaving fingerprints behind for detectives to later -- -- -- -- trays out loading them in the -- Real fast he gets what he wants out of that showcase -- and goes to the next and then the next again the alarm alerted police who sirens may have spooked the burglar something stopped him from hidden anymore. Because he just stopped -- in his tracks in the middle running. And then backtracked and -- up world. It is haste to escape this of the south that I got on the -- -- thief dropped half is stolen stash on the roof -- of these things range anywhere from. I was 300 dollars to a couple thousand dollars -- the burglar also left behind his -- tools under -- Police found his other glove on railroad tracks nearby he may have gotten away with more than 30000 dollars in collectible -- the other real -- -- that's what I'm really -- -- at the shop owner is convinced this -- won't get very far I've got to -- alarm system got great video and he broke into the wrong store in Tacoma -- -- Jaffe Kumble for news.

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{"id":18922132,"title":"Rooftop Thief's $30K Rare-Coin Heist","duration":"1:40","description":"The suspect allegedly sawed through the Washington coin store's roof to access the goods.","url":"/US/video/rooftop-thiefs-30k-rare-coin-heist-18922132","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}