Ross' Restaurant Serves Up Delicious Food Along With Campaign History

ABC News' Josh Haskell visits Bettendorf, Iowa to get a taste of politics and great food.
15:50 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for Ross' Restaurant Serves Up Delicious Food Along With Campaign History
We are in between campaign events here. In Iowa and what do you do when you're in between campaign events. You eat and you eat a lot and as I've been kind of here all morning it Ross's restaurant that Bemis Ross's family restaurant endorse Iowa. I party gained ten pounds and are ABC intern who was a vegetarian. Is new hope and hunger that a vegetarian. That's Matty. Right there. With that guilty look on her face that's kind of what's been going on a roster donor bring in my friend Melissa Rudolph Rogers and Melissa. Tell us a little bit about Ross is I understand that your grandfather. Harold Ross started this place in 1938 and now you are the manager and still involve us. Absolutely out she started after being in the navy and anorexia and had a dream of starting a place where people felt at home. And here we aren't receptive figures later still making people at home and attracting lots of politics and and let's have been. You'd hear practice and the pressure they. I. Yes she's our TV news tried vacant four times and that's another reason why our intern is no longer vegetarian show everyone that they did you have. Quite the plea in front again this is that natural trailing smoke peak in ranks near. With some of our kids. Sneaking delicious breakfast this morning and act ruining the vegetarianism and certain. People today and as you heard that can each three Iowa aegs have you ever seen eggs. That's pretty I don't know if I and mirrors the big get and I have to ask Melissa. You know we hear this term a lot especially in Iowa all over the country but a lot in the midwest family restaurant what does that mean. I'm in restaurants meant so it doesn't really when it happened when I feel like happens after a certain time is. Is that restaurant becomes community owned and we are good stewards of the blaze that is much more than my family now. I'm certainly not wait and it's certainly after 75 years are mainly because extended and really everybody in the community becomes part of it so. And as most and that we're talking here she was totally some funny stories about her grandfather Harold who started all this. He was in the army and seem like he wasn't truthful on the politicians who cycle through. Iowa of course we or intend to work right now and I know the present Obama just showed up one day you said. But talk about kind of what politics and end Ross is restaurant means. It crosses. Is this where politics are discussed in the world objects. Republicans and Democrats and I'd. My grandfather didn't like people are regardless we still served Bologna on Election Day. But certainly in the meantime if you hear that. Every little more time served the let me every election. Under diagram that is about it is that it. President baloney because politics is politicians are. And that's part of being elected lot of. He taught him but locals your shows how. And as I've been kind of Hagan outer Ross is an at this table. Sworn to show you what my morning is look like in that endorsed those are some pancakes. We have a mostly in practice magic mountain we're about to tell you what that is looking at. A little green beans and sausage and eggs. Loans. So stripped pretty good morning on the road in between campaign events and now we're gonna walk with Melissa the manager and third generation of heroes. In theory is that he was pound or so as I'm sure viewers live and needs diesel with the owners once played with what he please. Still I'm sitting there I consider him to kind of an original political pundit. He is like Nixon he would hasten its debated extensively in this for the sake of arguments. He just Blake did a good debates so it lends time you'll recognize. The events politics and arguing. In my grandfather often times he didn't like your policies. It so I constantly here. So politics that Ross is restaurant is baloney but for some reason politicians keep coming here is it is an institution. In Iowa since 1938. So far this cycle Bobby Jindal. Stopped here for launch with his team they had some chilling account right behind me. And Rand Paul and there's pictures Fuhrman number of politicians they're really in polls father Ron Paul. You the average all stopping here in the 2012 cycle so. In addition to politics addition to all the breakfast food we can show you. I've been reading and Melissa's been telling the raw season's theme this for one particular dish it's called the magic mountain. Don't really know what that is I know that's a theme park in Los Angeles I don't think that it's recruit roller coaster maybe. We'll have to go to the kitchen right now and find out more so wanting to take us. Live this show us what you've got. Our waitress wind to cover their. Be on camera still lived not good shows but I will show you what. Agree with the what is that those I think it army and then I'll make friends and mining. And where were you gonna bring them. To my table I don't think I have any more room for any. All right we'll let you get there may be. Our intern to break another rule after the president today at lady luck and got them thank you and and it overnight. In LA. There Mundo. Go men. I believe it's digital projector Ralston no bond or Mundo YU shows. Proved right. Take it away. Political. Once again what's inside a magic mountain and why it's so popular. Together. I'm so we start with eight season and they'll. And then we're going to athletes. Melodies on here. And then we're going to talk that was back. Optional snow on mountain. I don't. Really have any room for that in my stumping. Scott Hoover in his view we might have to bring me. You're gonna watch anything. Melissa letting me know in my face how much weight I've already came by being here Ross's. We might have to bring that magic mountain to someone else's table. But it Melissa there's mixed meat and or bongos coconut. Give you one more look here what are among those doing you're gonna put Fred bright and there. Sometimes have to brown yeah. ABC digital live in the kitchen at that being the wrong breath. Bend over Iowa. The water you bring us. No doubt we'll reveal all you bring up. What I've read it. Lot of ego talk some. Some customers while we wait for the measures experimenting. As I've been living in spending a lot of time in Iowa over the last six months everyone is told me you how. Have to come to Ross's restaurant. And I finally made it here and I know why it's such an. An institution here in Iowa. It's Kim leaves in Houston. Many patrons and have been coming here for years there was one gentleman. Over there who. A minute speech to real quick. I was told that you guys come to Ross's all the time with you have this morning and what's so great about Ross's. Cheese omelet. Very good. And over fifty years your mom's here. Is. Sue. This morning what's wrong easy when it's there it's not there so what was that like reviewed. To give everyone just a little bit of history Ross is used to be located. In another part of Ben Dor about three miles from here that's where we went this morning that location isn't there anymore. Because they're doing some sort of construction they're building a bridge and tunnel so Ross is only been at this location. Since October and one person we are talking to said that they. Had not been a Ross's and about ten years. Went to the original location it wasn't there in the story from. So a ha. Seems like you can finish that story for us in NTELOS. What happened that this location and what you statement Roth well. And well. So that when you. And terror Dolan. Publicly listed in the just don't know the stadium in. Just as it was back some experts. What's so special about this place and you find many places like this million dollars home cooked meal. There customer oriented and agrees to. It's just to replace ago. That you were gonna say something. Other family days they care about here and people they. You don't just try to accommodate us again. A wonderful food. And I have to ask you. We do you have the Iowa Caucuses in eleven days to come here to talk politics you come here to avoid politics are you paying attention to the races. I'm paying attention to raise taxes than than paying to get in on the conversation here. But it seems like on Bologna I was told at least Ana election he would he served. I'm Bologna day manhunt on Election Day they served Bologna. So it seems like kind of a place that makes fun of the whole process and away and hasn't that line. They haven't Atlanta and honor the original owner he isn't here carrying. Out talking Collins and and he's the witness started at god so you had the pleasure of meeting hero soil. He's a character it seems like his beard was very much alive in size. Yet he never left the place. Yet the place. Wolf what your audience assumed to have them might want to Mikey Linda think you guys so much Iran now. Appreciate Mike and Linda talking to us been coming here for fifty years. And met Harold Ross the founder whose spirit is everywhere. Pictures of him on all the walls. There's also some signs from the original location. And why we. Go back to where we started yeah I think he. Writes. You you lead the way already. And seems like. Our table looks a little different. Let's go and hunt here Melissa. Here we have made great grandmothers. Cinemas will they listen in unbelievable that a and alien ships and as early as Los Angeles as lows near city. Ending our it's classic midwestern. Comfort me and did quite delicious. Since I have been eaten yet which is a lie. Com I'm I have to take a bite it is and I also have to ask Melissa that cinnamon rolls or something that I'm. Finding all over Iowa sort of a steeple. Appetizer and not just for breakfast for every meal the. S and its egg. I actually. Seen his. A. Variation eggs Benedict on a cinnamon roll. Camera. And an. So before you beneath his cinnamon roll there's something else coming our way we what is that. The magic mountain. It's just it's kind of thought in the morning. The grounds that day yeah the ROU guys over 21 hours of and then gets in politics and cement. Yeah. Now. Well before we sign off since I do have one free hand to report. The dig in to that cinnamon roll while wearing an out here in between campaign events. That frosting. Was go to there. Gillick I'm back to the Iowa state fair but lately igniting anything spicy you know what happened then. And sir or anything like mixing cinnamon roll with what's inside the magic mountain again. Instant mentioned that we have the real Texas test. It's going to be at crunch write letters to Egypt had accused. In an aunt and it. I'm right handed but my right hand is holding the phone and cameras so please don't judge me. And using her left hand. We're gonna go and had to pare labor sec it. I'm kind of a difficult thing to eat with your left and your right handed but. That was fantastic. Not your cheese sauce and beef. I think at this mix too little too many things this morning so that grin after quality data here ross' restaurant but I really wanna think. The whole team Ross's bullets your family. And reverend bend or by with a quad cities or anywhere in the state Iowa covering the caucuses are not definitely some place you have to stop. And it will not be our last stop today on ABC digital. So stick with us is we're headed next to the world's largest truck stop. I will not be eating but I might be writing and trucks it states here and ABC's Josh Haskell and important.

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{"duration":"15:50","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell visits Bettendorf, Iowa to get a taste of politics and great food.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36422671","title":"Ross' Restaurant Serves Up Delicious Food Along With Campaign History ","url":"/US/video/ross-restaurant-serves-delicious-food-campaign-history-36422671"}