Runaway Goat Nabbed in NYC

The goat escaped from a slaughterhouse and was tracked down by authorities.
0:59 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for Runaway Goat Nabbed in NYC
Not your typical night shift for security guard at interfaith medical center the West African native had to capture a runaway goat now the girl was first spotted. Running wild on Fulton avenue around were a and a by a couple of -- out to grab a bite to eat out a call -- police. -- -- -- appeared to be pretty disoriented is running around kind of hit a few fences ransom buildings. Now the security attempted -- -- to -- -- -- but that finally he just took the -- by the horns and handed it over to police eyewitnesses described it. Crazy saying. First Meola Olson Avago -- -- across the street complicated rights look -- and it followed because street this thing does move. So you know and level go this is. -- -- -- -- -- snap a goat now about that owner -- go to get up at tag on it. Indicating it had escaped from a slaughterhouse that police turn it over to animal care and control and at this point we don't know exactly what the fate of the goat is.

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{"id":18430449,"title":"Runaway Goat Nabbed in NYC","duration":"0:59","description":"The goat escaped from a slaughterhouse and was tracked down by authorities.","url":"/US/video/runaway-goat-nabbed-in-nyc-18430449","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}