The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 18, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:45 | 05/19/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 18, 2021
From there. In North Carolina then passed retain county DA says his investigation found the deputies involved in last month's fatal shooting of Andrew Brown junior in Elizabeth City were justified in using deadly force. Mr. Brown's death while trapped here. That was justified. Because mr. Brown's. Also three deputies with the past tank county sheriff's office. Reasonably believed was necessary his death divorce saying his body Kara footage of the deadly incident explains why. DC deputies approached brown in his car shouting commands. The vehicle back exiled and then moves for work the prosecutor says brown struck a deputy. Officials then fired their guns fourteen shots in total did vehicle ending up in a lawn of the family of brown has called the shooting an execution. International pressure is building for Israel and Hamas in. You know rocket launched from Gaza today killed two Thai workers in southern Israel. This hours after Israeli's airstrikes destroyed a six story building in Gaza and Israeli prime minister Netanyahu said today that the Palestinian militants have been dealt quoting now an unexpected blows in the last eight days of fighting and you all Palestinian ambassador to the UN pressuring the Biden administration to detail its efforts to try to achieve a cease fire. Then our goal remains not to bring the current cycle of violence to an end as quickly as possible. And then bring the parties back to the work of the building lasting stability and decided to both. Both. Indonesia Malaysia doubt what. The responsibility to terrorists. British peer into the complex. And part Reuters. The board of supervisors Americo county Arizona Democrats and Republicans alike have. The vote recount in their county organized by tough supporters. Supported him on and I supported. Cooperating witness and it. What I didn't support good news a mockery. And that's what this has become a company called cyber Ninja's which has no experience with election audits and is owned by a strong supporter who has promoted election conspiracy theories. Is running the recount. This is not about change in the results from November and we want to be able to demonstrate the complete confidence that the election had integrity and that every vote was counted. Police in Los Angeles confirm their investigating rapper TI in a sexual assault case his real name Clifford Harris is accused along with his wife Domenica tiny parents have multiple incidents of sexual abuse and other allegations in Georgia and California by an attorney representing eleven alleged victims the Daily Beast reports one of the alleged victims spoke to the LAPD about allegations of its 2000 silent self. Police in Las Vegas say they received a report of an incident in 2010 involving DI and his wife and but the case was outside of the statute of limitations. And an attorney for TI and his wife say they have not been contacted by police. Dallas on now with a new safety feature for its recall treadmill from starting today users of the truck plus will be prompted to set up four digit passcode to gain access. Then after 45 seconds and an activity pellets on says that treadmill will block again. The change comes after weeks of pressure when alarming videos lately he's emerged children getting trapped and injured from playing with the exercise equipment and at least one child reportedly died from Ellis Don is also offering a full refund between now and November.

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