The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 5, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:14 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 5, 2021
From there. I the White House says new vaccination goals in the fight against Kobe in nineteen could help us return to some normalcy once and for all we are not out of the woods yeah. The Halloween could be very costs and should vaccine booster shots become necessary to Lehman learn a rewarding and morally data suggest their booster Johnson would be effective against those concerning variance from South Africa and Brazil right now officials say though the big challenge is vaccine hesitancy. New ABC news Washington Post poll shows 16% of Americans say they will never get the shot and you're one of those people waiting maybe it's time to look at the evidence and decide whether it's kind of just go forward. And be part of this solution. The Justice Department is appealing a federal judge's ruling to vacate the CDC's nationwide eviction moratorium for renters and a judge ruled the CDC exceeding its authority. And it's. Your hearing them being shot at this is in South Africa driver and his partner. In his armoured vehicle's this go home for several minutes you see the glass shatter the bullet proof glass does hold on and the driver actually get ahead of the robbers. Stocks did Dow with a rifle and wait on them. Without doing what we were hovers did not show up they took off they were not caught this part of the only its fourth day on the job. So that's fashion companies how Condit has seen success during the pandemic but that company's issued a recall for its treadmills following the death of a child and a number of injuries. After months of refusing to issue a recall saying it's treadmills were seen to use now pellets on issuing a recall telling customers to stop using its treadmills and contact the company for a refund or remedy Allentown is apologizing for not working more closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission Brandon Bradley lives daughter was her lot of talent contrasts she's well and his treadmill or her layer underneath there is pretty traumatic Amazon shares dropped on the announcement of the recall. It's the original currency gets set a year and and a liar and captured the attention of everyone from snoop dog tick I Vieri from. The media leading to a mesmerizing Klein in just one year George going to value of my mind boggling 23000%. They'll hold things started as a joke in 2013. We will design iTunes software engineers inspired by his picture of a job. Popular Internet meanwhile back then you could buy one Jones going for less than a penny today in the mountains east that is tests look out your muscle a significant owner of crypto currency immediate and Jodi going to value skyrocketing in betweens politely this. Yeah Maureen job on the bandwagon. I know him yeah. Something like Windows Client and they're changing real rim is highly her majesty not that is important in your willingness to lose. And I'll always remember her re enactments here is really. A woman Molly who gave birth from 29 babies. It may be new world record in 25 year old mom had five girls and warm boys might Z section yesterday Morocco. After being sent there for special care to nine babies and a mom they're all doing well. It's more than worth the new mom thought that she was having the seven baby that was because until the port located near around. I you may or call me Guinness world record for the most children delivered at first is a survivor. I'm belongs to or not is soul along the back in 2009 gave birth to eight children and and known as the cocktail moms. It snow no wine can make you well. Little Spacey but did you know there is why did it actually went to to space. Christie's auctioneers are selling a bottle of French wine. Then spent a year and or written. Onboard the International Space Station handed hitting wind kind of sewers may pay them as much as a million. Dollars for this event to sweeten the deal listen to your interest at the space why didn't. Comes with a corkscrew made from a meteorite.

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