The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 15, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:02 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 15, 2021
From a the. Testimony is complete in the Derek show that murder trial closing arguments are on Monday for the first time Jerry show they spoke out in the courtroom as he decided not to testify in his own murder trial several important. Juppe testimony wrapped up Thursday with a brief rebuttal by the prosecution over theory presented by the defense yesterday that George Floyd may have been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide during the encounter with police as he was on the ground near that tailpipe of the police car the prosecution's medical expert testified that Floyd's blood oxygen levels were normal when he died in its. Current proxy hemoglobin monitoring grace and 18%. And your view when I was not possible. It's grown from judge Peter K hill decided to recess for the day and take Friday off is allowing the attorneys to prepare over the long weekend for closing arguments in which will take place on Monday. And you congressman from new Yorker and leading the charge to expand the Supreme Court Democrats Jerry Nadler and monitor Jones. Our co sponsoring legislation tab thirteen justices instead of the current nine. They say the changes necessary to rest up support from Republican control. Our founders understood. Then. There's the country in the judicial system a Bob the court needs to have about whether it's ten this new legislation represents a much needed next step in that evolution. One decision and meantime the rightwing majority on the Supreme Court movie has unraveled the greatest achievements of the civil rights movement. To produce a government that does not look like an understandable even pretends to represent the American people. Last week president Biden formed a commission to study the idea of expanding this item of court. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says while she supports the study she has no plans to bring a proposal to the house floor it's. Conditions remain hazardous on the coast of Louisiana has the Coast Guard continues to search for survivors of a capsized boat into one body had been found in six people the rest. In the off short time portion called the secure power went down in hurricane force winds and high season. And while conditions have not improved much Coast Guard captain will Watson's. You have to be our common search and rescue. Two of the missing and Jay due tomorrow and instill in dance and it looks bothers and best friends is working signed nice night Lana not reverse decades in the. An onion leeks and the result of the Coast Guard has surged 14100 square miles. Another popular North Carolina teacher and killed in a shootout with a Mexican drug cartel he was a well loved Spanish teacher and basketball coach but officials say forty year old Barney Harris was living a double life detectives say Harris and his brother in -- Stephen Stewart we're tracking members of the cartel to steal their drugs and money and got into a shootout with traffickers. Gun moments in my county. Bulletproof plans loves Andrew Golden our daily lives. Doesn't try and welcome it looked like an envelope a wedding she now elements county sheriff Terry Johnson says they held cartel member who wouldn't say where the money was simply trying to know my name and he was to keep hearing Harris was. Killed in a violent exchanges after more gunmen arrived. Prince phillips' funeral officials say the queen has. We'll travel to saint George's chapel in our own vehicle she and all of the guests will Wear masks and signs for singers hopeful Foreman for safety reasons they will not be near the royals with all of the music was chosen by Prince Philip himself the winner is Charles and princes and will lead the procession following the casket. Prince William and his brother Prince Harry will also walked behind it by the big two will be kept up. Cardinal Bernard Covert program. Crowds gathered today to watch the king's troop royal horse artillery rehearse and we are also getting our first look at the cost involves Land Rover first. No carrier prince phillips' body to his funeral home into the met Murrow began building the vehicle with Land Rover back in 2003.

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