The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 6, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:46 | 04/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 6, 2021
What. We'll Minneapolis prosecutors in Derek shall miss murder trial are focusing on the former police officers training surging Ter Yang the department's crisis intervention coordinator testified that the department's policy is to provide aid when needed a lot of time. We have to time it. To slow things down really value reassessment lieutenant Johnny commercial use of force expert shown this picture and making it clear shelf and crossed a line answer is yes and MPG. Betraying your neck restraint. And their strengths. Meanwhile Maurice hall who was in the car with George Floyd that day up here India's ill. While the defense hopes he will testify hall's lawyer argued that he should not have to do because of criminal charges that could arise from his testimony. And because drugs were found in the car he and Floyd were writing and we go to Canada were in action. There are new developments tonight in the sex assault lawsuits filed against Houston Texans quarterback Shawn Watson Ashley so at least the first woman assumed Watson's. Now identifying herself before the camera today but she's went at least 22 massage therapist accusing Watson of sexual misconduct claiming he assaulting her wondering if their obsession. I can no longer passive fashion I love the most when I was shooting him during fashion. My handshaking and directly behind green and how. Sessions short. Police say they are investigating Watson has denied all allegations. PM earn as he has an idea and calling and families who decided that toxic waste water lake near Tampa Florida are now going home tonight Florida officials are limited evacuations now bombs have siphoned off millions of gallons of that waste water reducing the risk of catastrophic. Flooding a submersible device will be on site tomorrow looking to what he had was released. There are not concerns and I'm on the water quality that EPA and Amy have tested the water. They still Wheeling and has an easy levels it's not enough for us in the patching up. What is the plan actually is this going to Howard and this doesn't happen again. The governor of Wisconsin has declared a state of emergency over wildfire conditions there nearly a 150. Fires breaking out across as being in the past week. State officials report more than 300 fires since the start of the year in the governor's order includes deploying the National Guard is needed our officials are warning of a longer than average fire season. US and Iran are holding indirect talks in an effort to revive the nuclear deal in America hey Ron has ruled out face to face negotiations and losing US and Iran are president Jimmy Adams a development the US has called in the help these steps forward. President trump pulled out of the nuclear deal in 2018 and re imposing sanctions on Iran and president Biden is hoping to revive the agreement here on China Russia France and Germany and Britain helps virtual talks last Friday see how to move forward. Being here is to reach an agreement in two months. It's Black. Eyed Peas frontman will I am is where he got a way to combine his love for music with the Republicans need to Wear matte. The musician has partnered with Honeywell to launch super mask. The high tech faced mass contains no lease canceling ear buds now Bluetooth support and a have a filtration system. We also has a strapped to help the mask didn't snuggling and get this three Ratul speed fans circulate air India inside the mask. The mass would cost about 299. Dollars for each one they go on sale. Thursday.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76909665","title":"The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 6, 2021","url":"/US/video/rundown-top-headlines-today-april-2021-76909665"}