The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 8, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:06 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 8, 2021
From. The move when. In the courtroom Thursday the jury getting a close look at new 3-D images and as doctor Martin Tobe in Oklahoma knowledge as described in the painful detail exactly how he believes Eric show beings mean. Made it impossible for George Floyd to breed service. Floyd and I need. From a low level of oxygen that half of his body weight plus he's here wait it's coming down that's 91 point five. Coming down direction punish employees. Doctor Tobin says that would have even killed a healthy person with no underlying issues it. Tonight the White House joining Coles could come as rides again role in Northern Ireland's. Some of the worst violence seen day in years. The ten days that became violent clashes with the police mostly involving cruise British loyalist news. But on Wednesday the violence escalates its. Projectiles being killed between Protestant and Catholic areas of belt bus rides is assessing a moving bus or licenses more than fifty police have been changes. The violence unfolding against a backdrop of anger among loyalists who broke ranks deal. That they feel divides them through rescind her police civil suit accused criminal gangs of fueling the violence. To end the violence. Tonight water cannons and again used in built cars. But deadly explosion at a paint factory in Columbus, Ohio and the blast happening just after midnight and about forty employees were working at that time one person was killed when McCain and injured we had a victory fallen ceiling in. Furniture that had been blown across for firefighters rescued two people trapped inside there in critical condition the body of a missing worker was found in the rubble this morning into the cause of the explosion is under investigation. Jay Florida's fighting back. A lawsuit filed by the state of Florida from against the CDC all because of cruise ship operations. The stage is demanding cruise ships be allowed to resume sailing from Florida reports immediately. Florida governor Ron Desantis claims the federal government's no sale water these outdated and he's hurting his State's economy and in the. There's really just now and inciting people are gonna cruise one way or another it's a question isn't alone weakening UN out of Florida which is the number one place you in the world party unity new and out of the Bahamas or other location. They're worse string of deadly cove in nineteen outbreaks on cruise ships before the no sale order was issued. As millions takes the sky is winning more and more people traveling an urgent warning from the Better Business Bureau saying something fraudulent web site. Our reader impersonating government web sites were are claiming to process you're TSA rejected a more global entry applications. Only two instead and access your personal information and money TSA pre check lets you go through shorter and faster security line. Multiple entry expedite border crossings when you're traveling internationally. Both programs are managed by the Department of Homeland Security from the let him according to the BBB. The problematic web sites online are charging top dollar to allegedly helped process your application to only to not follow through with. Well most dangerous parts of this man is that the information you have to Sharon in Oregon and global let me ask. Isn't everything that is Cameron needs for an identity that's in your name your address human renovating your Social Security number even as well known. Show polling employees can learn a whole lot more than just how to make a burrito the restaurant chain. Offers debt free college degrees to its workers now. Holy guacamole live more than 100 degree options at ten universities. The initiative is in partnership with the guild education. Workers can enroll in the college program after they've been employed for 120 days.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76958182","title":"The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 8, 2021","url":"/US/video/rundown-top-headlines-today-april-2021-76958182"}