'RuPaul's Drag Race' star Gottmik on authenticity and changing the world

The groundbreaking drag artist made history as the first openly transgender man to compete on the show.
5:56 | 06/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'RuPaul's Drag Race' star Gottmik on authenticity and changing the world
Welcome back to rise us news life understanding the trends can. Here is huge ship with our segment out and proud the next generation. And timeliness and hand on his. In the news them who's them. Humble and safety Donnie says let me about an alternate that screen in blue is drags sensation got mixed in real Paul's lucky music video and got make is to. Any anti air I got Mac OR. EL I'm very well I see that you got dressed up for us thank you. I hey you know I have with an option on tour and I'm in North Carolina sauls like Braga a little. Ready a little early and does kill it's fascinating annual art killing at I must say I just their fire prone ounce from moment though because. As a trans man clearly you use his hands pry announced but when your in dry. Yeah it when I'm in drag. I mean is just kind of the normal everyone is she and I am doing a female presenting drag so I don't really mind any turnarounds that you want for me and drive but just all of my other things around me I usually go by she her and understand well I will call you queen house that. You wire. Doesn't break out star a season thirteen it was so fun to watch you and repulse drag race. Not only do we see your incredible skills as a fashion designer and a makeup artist. But you broke barriers you're the first ever openly transgender man to compete in the series what was that like to get. Feedback from so many fans. It was just so it's still to this day is so mind blowing because we're going in there I had just this. We on my shoulders almost because I just wanted to be the perfect role model I want to be the person I would wanted to see on TV and just make sure I was saying the right things doing the right thing. And then I think there's just one day were Rupp hall looked at me and look like people are connecting with Q and are going to connect if you'd just because. You're being you know and that is already announced it was just got there the amounts have been exiled entire story and nuts how you're gonna change the world and so that's well I'll have to do. I think you are such an individual because in many ways people think of trans men as very masculine and yet your story and your version of being a chance fan. And your talent has connected with so many people is were Paul said. I won't tell the kind of stories and feedback you're getting from people who've been dedicated to your performances on the show. The feedback has just spend so amazing even the people that really kind of were confused at first you know being a transmit like you said needs usually see. The most masculine stereotypical Kai and all of a life and I just came in here and I have a very. Feminine side of my life and I love expressing it. Through the art of drag so even the people that can't are confused at first they listen my story analysts and now at the end of the day I am. Just a man. Doing dragging its not that complicated and they kind of focus on the artistry more than anything I'm just so excited to watch everyone grow and be down to open these doors with. In paved the way. And you know is so much of roof Paul's drag race is about getting into people's back stories and getting into. You know where they come from and who they are and I know you grew up with Catholic. Parents pretty conservatively and they were even featured in a clip what was that like talking about sort of you know where you came from. Jack it was so crazy because. Growing up I was an Arizona and the word transgender just was not even in my vocabulary I did not know anyone trends and Evers on anyone's hands on TV. Until I moved out to Los Angeles ands met some amazing trans women that actually just changed my life an open my rolled up. And made me real as the you have to sometimes put yourself first no matter what you think you could lose back home are no matter what it is so even though. I have unconditional love my parents it was like I no life I don't take these steps to transition and B play no I am and always have bent. I will never be happy so I was just like okay by this is that it like I'm so sorry it. They got it almost apologetic at first and saying I'm sorry so abrupt increase in a haven't I moved away and now this happening but. It was a rocky moment for us for a sec but it they see how happy I am now and what amazing inspiring people ever around me and are so proud of mean they've come such a long way. Love can involve isn't that nice so you said you're on tour what's next for got meg where where will we see you. I am actually with Boston events on the drive and drag tore right now we are pretty much on the East Coast of America for the rest of the month but I am not going to stop right literally always spent I'm never gonna sleep again because I'm minds take. Every opportunity that comes my way about learn anything on drag races that you never know what you can. Accomplished with an open mind so who's gonna try all and not let anything stop. Me well you are on a rocket ride for sure got make thank you so much for joining us and being with us and we know your fans will be watching. But there is a new season starting right who calls drag race all stars is gonna premiere exclusively on Paramount plus with two all new back to back episodes you work rate Kotnik thank you sound Luntz. Thank you so it for having the as a front parking. The fund was mind paying. And thanks again for joining us here for pride on ABC news live you know understanding the trans community it's so important we'll see you again next week with another addition during this pride month. I'll be sitting down with the amazing Billy Porter who is taking a final bow on the hit show poems. And we're highlighting here the contributions and challenges still facing the nation's algae BTQ plus community. I'm juju Chang.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"The groundbreaking drag artist made history as the first openly transgender man to compete on the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78229630","title":"'RuPaul's Drag Race' star Gottmik on authenticity and changing the world","url":"/US/video/rupauls-drag-race-star-gottmik-authenticity-changing-world-78229630"}