Russia Crisis Raises Space Station Questions

Russia-Ukraine tensions won't affect U.S. astronaut trips to space station.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Russia Crisis Raises Space Station Questions
This is a special group. I'm -- -- New -- with a CBC news digital special report well if we can't be friends on earth. At least we get along in space there astronaut Steve Swanson. We'll soon be flying up to the International Space Station along with two Russian cosmonauts working will be commander. Of expedition forty of course. This all Communist political tensions are running high between Russia United States over Ukraine and Russia's involvement in -- The question is how do we deal with the separation of space and state and when the US is so reliant on Russia. As the only way astronauts can get to and from the International Space Station so to give us some answers to those questions astronauts Steve Swanson from star city Russia -- -- preparing. Where is march 25 launch a -- Steve thanks for being with us we appreciate -- now. I have to ask you -- that's it's been focusing a lot attention between Washington and Moscow. How does that impact your preparations for this flight. Well it has it affected my preparations at all for the flight. May prove. Then. And even everybody here at training center. Are focused on the mission at this time and we're not really pinned -- much attention of course we read about the paperwork for us it's not. -- -- remained a point of interest in that sense of our morning main priority just fronts it's the mission itself and that's what we're trying to work -- done. That year also going to be flying up with two cosmonauts is well did you meet with them regularly has has this been brought up are discussed at all. I do you mean were they rarely -- we train together on a regular basis. No we now have not discuss -- all. I'm it's there's not they know it's a very important topic of course but for us right now the most important -- his -- -- we have a job to do we need to get -- job done. Is there because the shuttle program being ended -- but obviously the exploration program continuing on there is a supplement of a prodigy is it is it a matter that you. That you go to Russia that you start working with cosmonauts in the sense that you know that they're passing of that kind of cooperation going into it. But -- -- live coverage of both sides in name both its agencies need each other thing that we get ready to ride to space at this time what we do other stuff in this situation we give them. Energy we give other things to them -- so it's definitely a co dependent relationship between -- -- space agency's. So I think what we have we work altogether. Yes of course as a national I -- to have an American vehicle but I know right now that's not possible so we do the best weekend and their -- the Russians when we find him to be your partners. You're going out there as a flight engineer also transition to a commander in May -- how is that it does that work. Hello what happens is that current crew up there right now other street people move our secure right now and in a couple days three of them are gonna leave. Command we'll switch over to the where the three people on board. And then when I get up there and a few weeks. In the the other continue to be innocent commander but when he leaves in about two and a half months that I was in with a -- -- -- time. Preparing for the launch astronauts Steve Swanson a star city Russia we thank you for that of course safe travels up to the International Space Station. And scorching a complete recap on NASA missions and US Russia relations right here. -- on debt -- York. -- ABC news that special report.

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{"id":22819422,"title":"Russia Crisis Raises Space Station Questions","duration":"3:00","description":"Russia-Ukraine tensions won't affect U.S. astronaut trips to space station.","url":"/US/video/russia-crisis-raises-space-station-questions-22819422","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}