Russian Website Broadcasting Thousands of Webcams

The website guesses the standard passwords for webcams in use around the world.
6:30 | 11/20/14

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Transcript for Russian Website Broadcasting Thousands of Webcams
But privacy breach that puts your most intimate moments on display webcams to watch your house or your children. Are being accessed and now the world. Is watching right. Hot spot Russia hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen. Russian website has gained access to web cams and homes in the US and all over the globe and at the streaming live. Very private video from thousands of homes and businesses. Including as the BBC's Laurie Allen Jones tells us more than 500 in the United Kingdom. There are web cams all over the world giving a glimpse of daily life in order its variety. But it's the camera's eye witness who decided to stream the image used to the Internet. This Russian base side brought costs images from thousands of cameras worldwide. With now that and it's commission. For Britain you can see everything from someone's front drive to the inside of a pub even a child playing in a bedroom. The information commissioner is warning the home webcams are vulnerable it fuses failed to change the to fold pulse was that come with them. Because those are freely available on the Internet if you do want that remote access than you what percent to strong pulse what and funky gotta set a strong passwords that any device that you. Link to the Internet we can't rely on just what's in the book because they're people that you are sleeping. Mode webcams a more secure they force you to change the deferral. Costs weren't that making that decision you gonna take images from your home and stream them over the Internet so that for instance you can see them on a mobile phone. That's always gonna have some risks involved. What more and more people choosing to shed details of their lives over the Internet teasing secure pos was to protect your privacy is getting to get more important. Such as long as possible this possible without spilling if you. The greatest amount of strength think about 1520 characters think about the small Fries it's easy to remember. Long enough to make it effectively very very difficult. This web site would be illegal in the UK breaking data protection and computer use slowest. But in Russia it's beyond the reach of the British authorities or they can do is advise wit canyons as. To be more careful about security. Rory Kevin Jones BBC news. ABC's here Roddy a joins us from Vienna via Skype these webcams obviously a way of life. And carrot just not a Russian government issue instead it looks like an independent group and a website correct. Well we don't very little about this group there's really nothing about their contact is page on their web site or anything about that. You know does that a lot of people saying that these are hackers. Politically hackers write what they did was they were able to guests he standard passport for all these web cams around the world in on the website itself. It's as if you don't want your website your your webcam on here just change the password. A lot of video. Cameras are already installed in computers on phones it is a way of life now in the package mentions. From the BBC the reporter there more than 500 web sites in the United Kingdom how big of a problem is it here in the US dollar around the world. This website lists cameras all over the world by far the biggest number company United States over several thousand of them. On that website alone now that doesn't account for all the other ones it may not have been discovered by these by by this this group who's who's made this website right. There is pretty much anybody who is not. Secured their when it came as potentially vulnerable to this. So everybody anywhere else in the world right now needs to go ahead take a look at that webcams make sure that Gupta answers on it what they could fall into the same kind of thing. And when you say secure your webcam that means that many of these cameras weren't in use before that the password was a sad and a default. That's right so when you get these cameras they come with a default pass relevance is sometimes those have no administrator at 1234. For the passport. And that's very easy for anybody to guests to these web connected wet camps and and anybody around the world with a passport information can access that that's what they're they're a force that you can see the remote remotely. When you don't change the past where anybody has the IP address they can go in. And get access to what you've got so if you've got a camera in your child's bedroom four you know just keep not when you're at work or something. And you happen teams that passed what is long somebody finds the IP address. They can get in and and look at your child. Are right now at that website that's been set up in Russia were based here in the US and also the United Kingdom. What they have been doing would be considered illegal what are governments trying to do about this. Well there have been lots of conversations and governments about this is was first raised between exit the Australian and Canadian governments. But they've been working in conjunction with that with the US. With several other European governments to try to figure out who's behind all of this. Now a British officials have said that as we heard in the end the story before this year. That they eat this web sites based in Russia they don't have the jurisdiction to go after them. But again it really falls on the individual to make sure that they have the strongest most secure passwords to make sure that their information is not compromised. So since the Russian website says that what they are doing is. Absolutely legal are they going to continue doing messrs. the government sort of helping out at all is Russia willing to step men. Well it's actually very interesting when you look at that website and they all seem to be doing for some sort that exceed away and that's not say that is when you read the web site says. You know that did that they're trying to do to raise some awareness about how insecure all of our our cameras aren't we got cameras everywhere now. And so. You know they have made no intention of taking these these things down. And again it's on all of us to make sure that we protect ourselves. It's and here Roddy joining us via webcam from Vienna thank you for joining us from filling us in on the and you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot on the shell Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"The website guesses the standard passwords for webcams in use around the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27059478","title":"Russian Website Broadcasting Thousands of Webcams ","url":"/US/video/russian-website-broadcasting-thousands-webcams-27059478"}