Defense Strategist: Ravi Not a Homophobe

Josh Dubin says former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi doesn't deserve jail.
3:00 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Defense Strategist: Ravi Not a Homophobe
What were your concerns coming into directors trial in all of the high profile cases -- -- -- a war criminal problem. There has never. Been a case quite like this -- so concerned me was that the media. Took this case. And reported on a different case if he took 101000 people and put him in a room. I would you'd be hard pressed to find five of them that could tell you. The case was about a few seconds. That was on iChat video. What was out there was that. Student at Rutgers. Taped. Broadcast. Posted. Gay sex of is occurring between his room in another individual. And somehow put out there on the Internet put out there on YouTube emailed it posted -- somewhere. None of which even the state alleged in this case what do you think about the jury wound up where. I was really happy about was that it -- it truly represented a cross section of the community and that's rare you have old and young. You have male and female. You have people that are professionals and blue collar workers you have a lot of people strong opinions and because -- such. They come from such disparate backgrounds. Hope is that there will be a free flowing discussion. -- The evidence in this case because if you actually take the elements of the crimes charged here. And you did. And he very thorough. -- section of the facts and applied the law to the facts and the facts to the law. There should be an acquittal here what do you think's going to happen in that jury room when they get the case it's like reading tea leaves. So for me to tell you what I think is gonna happen. I would just be it would just be guesswork and speculation my concern. Is them being able to Parse out what facts and what evidence applied to what charges. How do you. Described -- if you'd say he's been dragged through the -- would be an understatement. And and and please I don't want this to be misinterpreted. -- somehow suggesting that we should all feel bad for -- What makes me so passionate about this case is -- look at this young man and I don't see and think it. I don't see home -- I don't see someone targeted anyone. I feel that way in my -- I know him know his family. So. I know what's going on because the media found a target. And they hit their target and -- this story until it's a carcass lying in the street. So we all have to stop and ask ourselves -- it might -- -- really immature by. Should this kid go to jail for this. Did he act insensitive at times in hindsight maybe. -- -- biased. That he. Have an intent to intimidate. Absolutely not in my opinion you think -- Tyler Clemente. Had jumped off the bridge. We would have ever heard about any others absolutely. Because because that was what drove the story that was the fuel that was the gasoline on the fire. Why do you think there was such a push to make -- the face of the -- It's easier to make sense. Of tragedy when we can find a cause and effect and we can find someone to blame. And find a scapegoat regardless of how this case turns out. I mean it's his life ever going to be -- I mean he's got this stigma attached to him wherever he goes. You know for as long as the media decides to do you know to to bounce that ball in the air. So you know I I think there -- there's tragedy on both sides here.

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{"id":15913668,"title":"Defense Strategist: Ravi Not a Homophobe","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh Dubin says former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi doesn't deserve jail.","url":"/US/video/rutgers-defense-strategist-dharun-ravi-trial-15913668","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}