Rutgers Trial: Defense Rests

Dharun Ravi will not testify in self-defense against webcam spying charges.
2:04 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Rutgers Trial: Defense Rests
-- -- student accused of spying on his roommate with a webcam will be testifying the defense rested its case today. And it will soon be in the hands of the jury to decide the fate of -- room -- Eyewitness News reporter and -- -- has been following this case from the very beginning he's live in New Brunswick with the latest and -- And after nearly two weeks of testimony here jurors have heard from nearly three dozen witnesses but yes as -- said dollar and -- was not one up them. The jury should have this case within 48 hours. -- -- -- -- -- The defense rested its case shortly before noon and -- -- roughly smile. Relieved perhaps that he would not be taking the witness stand. -- -- You decided that you can ensure ultimate decision but -- consulted with your attorneys -- decided. That you prefer you -- not testify my correctness. It was the first and only word he has spoken in the entire trial you want and it will collapsed. Leaving jurors to take the measure of -- road -- To his late night police interrogations. At his text messages and later postings. The prosecution was ready for -- today but defense attorneys clearly believe there would be little to gain from subjecting their client. To cross examination. Hoping the jury will conclude that -- never intended to see what he saw. And at the prosecution has failed to establish beyond a reasonable doubt. That -- intended to humiliate his roommate because of his sexual orientation. Although some witnesses said he seemed uneasy about it. How is he -- -- just shocked and trying to. It highways what he saw -- freaking out. As so we moved out of closing arguments the defense leads off tomorrow morning at 9 AM followed by the prosecution. The jury could have this case by this time tomorrow but it seems more likely they'll get it on Wednesday morning by the New Brunswick, New Jersey and.

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{"id":15905983,"title":"Rutgers Trial: Defense Rests","duration":"2:04","description":"Dharun Ravi will not testify in self-defense against webcam spying charges.","url":"/US/video/rutgers-trial-defense-rests-15905983","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}