Rutgers Trial: Jury Sees Twitter Postings

Students Molly Wei and Alissa Agarwal testify at defendant Dharun Ravi's trial.
2:21 | 02/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Trial: Jury Sees Twitter Postings
Devastating testimony today no question about it devastating because it goes directly to the question of intent. Then there was the State's star witness testify about those frantic hours as detectives were closing in. Molly -- left. The courtroom after more than five hours on the witness -- where she described the moment and 2010. Which he was told detectives the Tyler Clemente. Had likely committed suicide. I was it's sad overwhelmed I felt. Very bad if anything had happened. It was. I just was overwhelmed with emotions of sadness and I just felt so bad for what happened. Ms. Wei admitted that she and Doug -- -- they used her computer to look in on Tyler Clementi -- encounter with another man. It was after the suicide the police descended on the door asking questions. Robbie she said -- urgent text message. Did you tell them that we did it on purpose -- ask because I said we were just messing around with the camera. OMG government she replied why didn't you talk to me first I told them everything. What did you tell them when they asked why we turned it on -- asked I told them we just wanted to see what was going on line. Today the jury saw -- -- Twitter postings apparently urging his friends to tune in. -- -- wall was one of them he testified that -- explain to her why his -- was set. In order for. Multiple people. To. Be able to -- Two viewed ties -- other -- a pun there demand. Molly -- later learned about the two weeks from her friends station told me about these Twitter. Treatments -- that they received on Tuesday about him think China to have a viewing party things like that. Those words viewing party must've dropped on the defense table today like a rock but again both witnesses under cross examination. Forced to admit that Robbie did not have any misgivings either about his roommate. Or his roommate sexual orientation. But to Brunswick New Jersey and.

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{"id":15812836,"title":"Rutgers Trial: Jury Sees Twitter Postings","duration":"2:21","description":"Students Molly Wei and Alissa Agarwal testify at defendant Dharun Ravi's trial.","url":"/US/video/rutgers-trial-jury-sees-twitter-postings-15812836","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}