Rutgers Trial: Mystery Witness Testifies

A man known as M.B. testified about his relationship with Tyler Clementi.
2:05 | 03/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Trial: Mystery Witness Testifies
The Tyler Clementi suicide trial on the man who prosecutors say was seen on that web cam -- -- -- Took the stand this morning eyewitnesses reporter Marissa Gonzales is at the courthouse in New Brunswick. With more Marcy. Laurie they are working to conceal this man's identity we are not allowed to record or -- fit -- take photos. Inside of the courtroom we also don't know his name or what he does for a living. Here is -- he was able to share with us today though the final days leading up to Tyler Clementi suicide. The man known only as MV enters the courtroom through a back door his identity -- -- as he takes the stand. Answering questions about the three times he came to Rutgers University to be intimate with Tyler Clemente. Testifying in the case against Clementi roommate to -- Robbie who is accused of spying on the two men together using a web camera. And -- tells the jury he met Robbie briefly the night of September 19 2010. At the start of his second visit with Clemente. He says -- shuffled some things around on his desk and left the dorm room. And beat goes on to say later that evening during intimacy with Clemente. I happened to glance over it just caught my -- that there was a camera lens looking directly at me. -- explains that the web camera on Robbie -- desk was pointed toward the direction of the bed. And I just thought it was kind of strange just being in a compromising position if you were sitting at a desk using that computer that camera wouldn't be facing that direction. It would be facing the person at the computer. And -- says that his -- -- feeling continued when he left the dorm room that night coming upon a group of people in the hallway he explains. It seemed like they were looking at me and it seemed unsettling. And the jury is on lunch break right now but when the trial resumes at 1 PM and be will be back on the stand for more cross examination. From the defense my colleague NJ Berkett has been covering this trial since it began. And it'll have much more on and -- testimony this evening here on Eyewitness News we're live in New Brunswick -- Gonzales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15833808,"title":"Rutgers Trial: Mystery Witness Testifies","duration":"2:05","description":"A man known as M.B. testified about his relationship with Tyler Clementi.","url":"/US/video/rutgers-trial-mystery-witness-mb-testifies-relationship-tyler-15833808","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}