Rutgers Trial: Students Take the Stand

Fellow students testify in webcam spying trial of Dharun Ravi.
1:48 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Rutgers Trial: Students Take the Stand
We were listening to the testimony from. The -- to Rutgers University administrator. To take the witness stand is actually talking about Tyler Clementi -- request to get a room change after he believed. He was being spied upon this is all taking place and the second day of testimony. The morning focused on two records university students -- -- either friendly with the defendant -- room robbery. Or were among the handful of students witnessing the webcast. Of Tyler -- is committing to -- with another man. Nice. 22 males kissing and -- it was the back of that I couldn't see their faces. And you remember that you see. They had their clothes -- all but something else I believe they had their chance. Put -- a -- had a conversation with rowdy about his reason for setting up the web cam. And is road. Israel may have asked for the room for. 9212. And that it BP. But he didn't know why so. He set up his left can take -- is things -- attached. Scolari says Robbie had suspicions his roommate was -- But he never expressed any dislike of Tyler Clemente because of -- sexual orientation. Earlier Scotch you -- pretty much the same comet shoe ads that Robbie was not sure his roommate was completely trustworthy. The only thing I heard about him was that he -- -- shady. We us our Cheney -- that's -- wouldn't buy -- it's. It's kind of slang term. Four I. Suspicious looking.

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{"id":15803146,"title":"Rutgers Trial: Students Take the Stand","duration":"1:48","description":"Fellow students testify in webcam spying trial of Dharun Ravi.","url":"/US/video/rutgers-trial-students-stand-15803146","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}