Rutgers Trial: Texts to Witness

Student Molly Wei testifies against defendant Dharun Ravi in webcam spying trial
2:05 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Trial: Texts to Witness
Key witness for the prosecution testifying today in the webcam spying trial former Rutgers University student Molly -- Was in the room with Karuna -- the day he's accused of using that camera to spy and Tyler Clementi with another man Clemente. Later committed suicide I -- -- -- and -- it was in the courtroom for today's testimony he's outside the courthouse now in New Brunswick with more and -- At least at the very least the prosecution needs to prove that that web -- was switched on deliberately intentionally that this was not the result of some sort of accident. Which is why today's testimony from the former -- is that it. He's absolutely crucial to this case. Perfect star witness was rushed from the courtroom after a devastating day for the defense. Molly Wei said the camera was switched on more than one -- that there was nothing expected to pork where incidental about what they saw think I was he. -- -- just shocked and trying to. Surprise. At what he saw -- Speaking out he made -- said Sunday -- he is scale are something -- -- rob he's accused of remotely activating his computer's webcam. While his roommate was alone with another man and using Twitter to urge his friends to tune in. What prosecutors claim was a deliberate attempt to humiliate Tyler Clemente. Who later committed suicide. While detectives descended on campus he says Molly Wei -- series of text messages. He kind of client to make it seem more -- lake. It was more of an accident. Yet she admitted on cross examination that Robbie never expressed any concern about Clemente sexual orientation. But he was apparently curious. Here is what another witness said that -- he's set up his left can't. To -- -- -- things aren't taxed -- Mangini. It is confirm whether his suspicions were correct. Yes.

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{"id":15804186,"title":"Rutgers Trial: Texts to Witness","duration":"2:05","description":"Student Molly Wei testifies against defendant Dharun Ravi in webcam spying trial","url":"/US/video/rutgers-trial-texts-witness-15804186","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}