Rutgers Trial: Witness Admits Lying

Lokesh Ojha testifies he helped Dharun Ravi aim webcam at Tyler Clementi's bed.
2:26 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Trial: Witness Admits Lying
Setback for the prosecution today and the -- webcam trial -- judge said prosecutors will only be able to use a small part of an email that Tyler Clementi wrote. Before jumping off the GW bridge -- supporter and and -- And shut -- prosecutors -- the jury to hear everything Tyler Clementi wrote but in the end all they heard today. Was the single sentence in what could be seen as a victory for -- and obviously guilty. The judge's decision was a setback for the prosecution. Email center -- resident assistant -- he Grover and considered a key piece of evidence in this case. Tyler Clemente came to grow for sweet demanding a room change after he learned his roommate was spying on them. I get. -- in his voice. He seemed uncomfortable is seen his voice was a little shaking and as well -- a little quiet. -- said he told -- to put his complaint against our root rot in writing. And it just as he was about to re -- email in court the defense objective we have to establish. When -- sent to. Harassment he stated -- is an issue in this case. It is. Part of the bias intimidation portion of the statute. It is particularly important as the judge excluded all but -- east final sentence I feel my privacy has been violated. And I'm extremely -- comfortable sharing a room with someone who would act in this wildly inappropriate -- Then -- -- the words wildly inappropriate. But Grover was permitted to read his report to university officials. Tyler is quite upset and feels uncomfortable refers -- -- switch and ASA paid. Would like to -- some sort of punishment for dark room -- Late this afternoon another witness described how he helped -- set up his web -- angling to -- meant to east side of the room. And they in the thumbs up. Davis forced he would be here just a few minutes ago under cross examination that he lied to detectives originally investigating this case. When asked about his role in all of this tomorrow implement these dorm room guest is expected to testify he might not -- Brunswick New Jersey -- -- channel seven. Eyewitness.

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{"id":15820764,"title":"Rutgers Trial: Witness Admits Lying","duration":"2:26","description":"Lokesh Ojha testifies he helped Dharun Ravi aim webcam at Tyler Clementi's bed.","url":"/US/video/rutgers-trial-witness-admits-lying-15820764","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}