NFL's Sam Hurd Arrested on Drug Charges

Chicago Bears wide receiver was jailed after an undercover sting.
1:59 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL's Sam Hurd Arrested on Drug Charges
3 days after undercover agents began questioning Sam heard the wide receiver showed up for training camp with the bears in July. Agents would have several conversations with her during the next few months -- -- played his first season Bayer's. Charges against the bears -- receiver come as a complete shock to those who cover her daily. Fellow Texan Michael C Wright has followed roberts' career. He is a very Smart articulate guy and he. He has tattoos all over his body of crosses in Bible scriptures and things like dead -- Built for him to -- the type of guy he's dinner -- tell us all clear -- -- just builds just a really good guy it's it's a surprise that this is seventy. Kurtz signed a three year deal with the bears after playing five years of Dallas Cowboys he received a one point three million dollar signing bonus with the base salary of 685000. This year. 860 -- 102012. In one million for his last year the deal. But the criminal complaint alleges the amount of cocaine and marijuana -- wanted to deal was worth even more it. Does sound like football is almost beside John -- ever heard of everything inevitably gets through all the allegations are true here. He was as big -- this wasn't on petty stuff -- -- -- -- Her dress was the -- on ESPN Radio One thousand today. 26 year old began his football career and San Antonio Texas where he was an all state -- -- high school. He then allowed to become a top receiver at Northern Illinois University. And that is worry apparently met his wife Stacy Green who was from Calumet City after the -- season began. -- moved into this town house development just down the road from -- hall. I've had its -- a conversation with Sam heard about his wife his daughter. What he wants to do once he gets done played -- ball. He's a guy who's kind of blue -- made guy in his senate -- he's he's worked his way up to level he's at right now he's done it through a lot of our work.

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{"id":15169232,"title":"NFL's Sam Hurd Arrested on Drug Charges","duration":"1:59","description":"Chicago Bears wide receiver was jailed after an undercover sting.","url":"/US/video/sam-hurd-arrested-on-drug-charges-15169232","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}