The SC Primary, Miami PD Boycotts Beyonce and More

ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets up to speed on the latest stories in the ABC newsroom.
11:31 | 02/19/16

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Transcript for The SC Primary, Miami PD Boycotts Beyonce and More
Hey guys on an odd thing need your here so that you or anything like me. When you start your day you try to get your hands on as much information that you and your reading all the news update just getting your Twitter feed at times. I can't quite get what the story as you just want someone who knows it to explain it to that is why we are here we're gonna get you up to see me. On all the stories that you need to know. Today and organist art with politics of course it's a big weekend coming up in South Carolina and Nevada and for that we go to our resident Oracle. I think that's mr. Kolb right. Oh. I usually. Yeah ABC's Matthew Dowd and he's a great year great to be here so if you know nothing about this week about apparently the GOP primary and at a democratic opposite. What if people need to know before they watch our live streaming coverage and street. Sure so if you follow this and dollar not much you know that the Iowa Caucuses are held in New Hampshire primary and help both answer changed the nature of the field I'm both sides in the nature of the race on both sides it. First for the Democrats if you take a look at Iowa which is basically a tie which was a surprise in a better showing for Bernie Sanders anyone knew New Hampshire overwhelmingly. Still Hillary Clinton favored going into this weekend's Nevada caucuses she was supposed to win these going away. Because of the composite of the electric but it looks like it's going to be very close and could be a long afternoon at the caucuses in Las Vegas. Bernie Sanders really wants to win this to trying to keep some momentum going to try to defeat. Her over the long haul of this it gets very difficult for him he doesn't. But I think that's reject them for is what is that race and what's the margin theories on the Republican side. We had Ted Cruz when of the Iowa Caucuses in a close race and then Donald Trump one New Hampshire going away. And right now down trap is going into South Carolina head and looks like. He's going to win. What is the South Carolina primary will likely do is shorten the field right now there are six candidates in the race my guess is we'll leave South Carolina. With Donald Trump the likely winner but whoever's in second or third. And they'll probably be a fourth will be down to four candidates may be just three candidates in the aftermath of South Carolina I think that's the purposes of this week intervals that. For the democratic race is going. And how long that might last Bernie Sanders wins it's gonna last a long time. And it will tell us what are those final three or four candidates in South Carolina and so that's what the function I think of tomorrow will be of course this race. I think that is and inked. Entire political rap and giving it to meter that Aaron. Well it's a medium tired but he's done this before accused the united Alex aren't. And the other thing to keep in mind is is that just this is just the third step in the fifty state process for both of these we've had two primaries and caucuses have a third. One on each side and now it starts getting faster faster after tomorrow. There be another one on Tuesday. On Saturday and then they'll be ten or eleven following Tuesday's it starts picking up speed but this really sets. The tone of where it's headed South Carolina and it morals set the tone words. Got an up to feel what they need to know going into tomorrow but they want to get to speak tomorrow at eight but it lacks and what straight talk with the beloved right here. I'm not and it might come Padre l.s the I hope. Deputy special report in the course of this but I hope to be it's be a part of that at least some point in time but. As the race unfolds and as we get the data as the votes are cast in that matter early that is very early that is immune. In Las Vegas time which means it's 3 o'clock eastern time and South Carolina polls close at seven so you'll have a lead you know straight talk that lead out on street. That's right and all our lives during temperature at 5 o'clock eastern suffered its attendant to that great mr. dad should be fun I was you know. We used to thank you banks say they doubt that major political wrap up its everything you need to know before heading into this weekend. Coverage of the South Carolina GOP primary and the Nevada democratic democratic caucuses. Of course waksal I live streaming coverage tomorrow night. I'm gonna give you a look at where were walking right now we are inside. The ABC news newsroom right now. It got a bunch of folks working away. 800 different story through that with your political coverage. And now they're probably a couple of other stories he might have heard about but can't quite. Get your head around and and for that we are going to turn it needs kind. Everybody needs. I am joined first. By doing MacKenzie covers entertainment for us here at ABC news anchor and good power US. Here's what I need to get me up you know. What is the deal with this whole beyond de Miami Heat race and so. I don't know why anyone decides to go. Against beyond space he's beyoncé. And it's really hard but apparently. A local police in my name he has decided to wait. Providing on parchment or her first concert sold out our in my. And he says that he doesn't want his month for officers to patrol the show because Leon atypical apartment. On it's interesting to note that was the congress formation. Just on the Internet or Austria where she kind of honored he's on our minds to the Black Panther Party. Unconfirmed. But it's pretty clear that she did pay homage to the black and the party and Michael. It's interesting to note though however. The man who is leading this charge against behind me he hadn't watched as admirable and stop and that he's had it in his note coolest place. Are you doing that. Courts just. But on it's it's. I don't think it's gonna go anywhere that Miami PD Ari and that they're gonna share information for beyond the end to him at PP's. So healthy it was a boy but it wasn't like Brett and that's. And I would be more worried about getting antsy tickets rather than just like any proof. They had yet to speed on the out day ands Jerry says yes I'm card carrying member of the and you know. Eminent imminent and the navy banana. Thank you ladies talk to you very seriously and now we're gonna turn. You AVG eight countries accept it presidents. ABC interest. It is last took over all yeah I think and we look at is. Michael Roth and Michael Rothman. You're looking very mobile right now very I faster speed you know I'm Agile. And I'm in Ellington who created the arms around moving around she's and Obama's annual on the. Now you want have been changed. Me pay opting about okay. Eight. And wacky today and we're into this of course because we're live streaming but it. Mr. Buffett. How history stand still or video. There's this it is deliberately. You're gonna be changed in this action and history of Astec elevator is chayet latest. Our performance installation. Of the call whenever he yeah and I'm minutes listening very controversial highly saleable now questions from. Yes now you remember you. I'm. Actually I'd really like that and start injuring the command when it comes to this kind of stuff explaining what is it says he's an Oxford union right now and he was invited wit. I. Position I was invited with its art partners Rocco and turner to speak. And instead of having something so cold were what does like. Pretentious and whatever just the other you're watching this on yeah must enact I can watch us all in. Well since it is alive street so that there's a camera inside. And cellular data. The did you think random fight if they there's a camera inside the elevator and so what's going on as he said look. They were like instead of us is talking down to him in and telling them about art and whatever it Norris. TDs and a Netflix and cement kind of like him. It intimate and from the intimate and and the more one on one and so what they're doing is there's all kinds of groups of people coming into the elevator and they're just talking to them like. I am talking here yet and it's amazing and actually. Plus for about fifteen minutes they'd listen it's in the Nina Simone songs. They talked until merry. Shy isn't shy at the family not a fan until you can it's yes yes ethnic fence. But the key they aren't they don't stay on topic here. And streaming isn't like Jesus YouTube question it is adds it's used habitat sales. It's hosted by the Oxford union so you sound so about 6000 people on it right now. And yes I mean there's important issues through these talk about his Syrian Russian refugee. Talking about like. Hopefully politics and things like that and then you know talked about Bill Murray handing. Celtics and people. So yes it is desperate for putting our citing a third and I am today it'll and I think 9 AM tomorrow. And it's yeah its system place of them going onstage and and speaking. And so it's basically and they will stream that's in the parents need for it was seen this in the do this they'll show in this in the union hall. Around kind of neighbors late at its news be. So folks can watch this on YouTube bloodstream and that you participate in the second test and you're going to be watching it. Subsidy for the Oscars but I really want to watch. District one me queen making us now we get invited to speak at Oxford. I'm waiting for my vacation my email. We relate to this as well something similar to do we can do it there are like that. We can talk with a Q&A lot here. Dictating anything that it's not so you don't watch it and there's a conversation check going on that we can't shows that don't. Olympic thing for some reason there's a lot of that going on I'm not a thing what that is there I don't know why he as as. As these things are with tweets and and comments. People are being cut and afternoon and weird. But the video itself is actually very fascinating and you'll learn a lot and again she's the normal it. And it's all kind of makes cents would have some other stuff he's done. If you check in your you're. On this guy on the gods WH Jeff Kennard who asking and get you up to be at a multitasking Americans are that I boards. The B at Kennedy you witness. I'll try to do better next well that is any. Of today he may have nothing else I guess I'm Matthew Dowd Athens and pleasure. That CB Aurora on this him get back. Giving it everything we need to get after it. On the latest antics and the book and that they got top stories for today that you Polly didn't know about you know a little bit more about. Join us again next time we'll bring you up to speed on the latest stories you need to know for now I am on the last in New York.

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{"id":37066019,"title":"The SC Primary, Miami PD Boycotts Beyonce and More","duration":"11:31","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets up to speed on the latest stories in the ABC newsroom.","url":"/US/video/sc-primary-miami-pd-boycotts-beyonce-37066019","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}