Neighbors React to NYPD Officer Gunned-Down in Line of Duty

ABC News’ Josh Haskell talks to neighbors of Officer Wenjian Liu, one of two killed in an execution-style shooting.
4:07 | 12/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Neighbors React to NYPD Officer Gunned-Down in Line of Duty
This ABC's Josh Haskell in Brooklyn outside slain officers lose house. Officer luz when the two officers who shot him. Their patrol car and beds died Brooklyn on Saturday today Monday. You conceded this memorial set up. Outside officer we. Home there's a number of flowers and candles family of officer losing side right now. And they're clearly grieving they have not come out they just have had a number of visitors that included New York Governor Cuomo. And New York City mayor bill before house. Trash. And by the house to spent about 25 trips inside. And after 25 minutes they walked out onto their car sales and did not. Speak to media a number of neighbors here it's been telling ABC news that they are critically shop. Saturday. Bring in one of officer whose neighbor who actually was also is. Officer with the NYPD for over twenty years or more can you tell us what your reaction was when you heard the news about your. Anyone I heard it. On the radio Collins said. A decent citizen. Retried beverage service with the schools safe vision is wrong. Listen to these things cruelest thing this is a very nation Zelman. They only on this neighborhood this walked me three years top. Why. Dignify it. Go to work come home he and his family. And enjoyed was proud. I like to protect civilians from me just knowing what he didn't give each other way ice drive home bodily. Not now President. Bush aides say it and when you have the true. Maybe not it's super rich bill. And want to serve and protect your. The likely family decent system. And mark finally he could speak to officer whose wife Ernie the family inside what would you want them to know hopefully I'll speak to them when crowds in the image. And you Mohawk case. And film that the whole neighborhood especially Lewis sixty. Really a whole neighborhood in New York City the people who truly good neighbors most of us off. And we hear. You wolf what's so hard throw and it's taken alive need to hold back tears cool us. It's just when you go out to serve and help. Expect word it. My condolences. And on behalf of the Turkish American my. God give them patience what was it like inside what did you say to them it is very very sad day off would. Have not don't know what to save the family so devastated. Father. It was so bad I mean he could not stop Hogan. It really appreciate him. Detected it translates. Everybody. Ten members. And how do you feel after after doing this to us even more stallion Portland it's human being. Hasn't made life I never. Show them. So that is the scene here at outside officer was home in Brooklyn we'll continue to update you on all ABC news platforms. This is Josh I'll school beat the secret history.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"ABC News’ Josh Haskell talks to neighbors of Officer Wenjian Liu, one of two killed in an execution-style shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27772442","title":"Neighbors React to NYPD Officer Gunned-Down in Line of Duty","url":"/US/video/scene-home-gunned-nypd-officer-27772442"}