Scotsman Charged in University of Pittsburgh Bomb Threats

A man with ties to terrorist groups and two hackers are accused of sending threatening emails.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Scotsman Charged in University of Pittsburgh Bomb Threats
Today we announce the indictment of Adam Stewart -- -- Dublin Ireland. Busby has been charged with emailing numerous anonymous bomb threats. Targeting University of Pittsburgh this past program. The bomb threats caused more than 100 evacuations that fit greatly disrupting. The personal and professional lives. Students faculty and employees. The first indictment charges -- With seventeen counts of wire fraud sixteen counts of maliciously conveying false information. In the form a bomb threats. And two -- international extortion. The indictment alleges that between march 30. And April 21. Must be sent bomb threats over emails targeting University of Pittsburgh campuses. These emails were sent to news media employees. & Associates of the university. And two others in the Pittsburgh area. The indictment further alleges. That -- be committed international extortion. First on April 10 when he emailed a threat through the computer server in Austria. Claiming that the threats against Pitt would end if the chancellor would withdraw the 50000 dollar reward. And again on April 20. When he emailed a threat through the Netherlands. Saying the threats would end upon withdrawal the reward. A separate but related indictment. Charges that on June 20 and 21. -- use the Internet. To maliciously convey false information. Claiming bombs have been placed -- the federal courthouse is located in Pittsburgh. Erie and Johnstown Pennsylvania. And threatened to assault or murder a federal officer while he was engaged and the performance of his official duties. -- third indictment. Returned by the grand jury. Charges Alexander walker -- of Loveland Ohio and Brett -- Hillsboro Ohio. Who claim to be associates. Of the computer hacking group anonymous. Water land and Hudson are charged with engaging in a conspiracy. Targeting a computer system of the University of Pittsburgh. The indictment alleges that they were responsible. For Internet post threatening the release. Of confidential student employee alumni information. In exchange for a public apology by the university chancellor. Adam Stewart Busby. Is currently in custody in Ireland on unrelated charges. An arrest warrant has been issued for -- -- which will be lost with Interpol. The maximum penalty for wire fraud just -- years in prison. The -- -- the penalty for maliciously conveying false information. Is ten years in prison. The maximum penalty for extortion and threats is two years in prison. Because all of the counts are felonies. A maximum fine on each count -- 250000. Dollars. Alexander water land and Brett -- will be arraigned in federal court in Pittsburgh later this month. The law provides for a maximum sentence of five years in prison. A fine of 250000. Dollars or vote for water land and cuts. While I cannot discuss the details that this extensive investigation. I can say that -- hasn't been a suspect since mid April. It took pains -- efforts to Trace the origin of these anonymous email threats.

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{"id":17013637,"title":"Scotsman Charged in University of Pittsburgh Bomb Threats","duration":"3:00","description":"A man with ties to terrorist groups and two hackers are accused of sending threatening emails.","url":"/US/video/scotsman-charged-university-pittsburgh-bomb-threats-17013637","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}