Search for Sky: Over 900 Tips Received

Bellevue police haven't ruled any possibilities out in missing-child case.
2:53 | 11/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Search for Sky: Over 900 Tips Received
It's November 14 this is day nine of skies disappearance. What -- -- -- little bit about tips this morning first of all. As of this morning we received over 900 tips. So we continue plays a very high Purdy on the on the value of these tips. And we have teams of detectives immersed in this process. Throughout the day -- in into the evening. Unfortunately zero of the completed tips that we've. Investigated have led to any high priority actionable items. I'll get back to tips and a minute on another point but I do -- Acknowledge that the quantity and quality the tips of even when receiving -- are excellent. Just a quick recap from our weekend activity on Saturday we expanded the search radius at both locations we've been focusing on Julie's apartment home in Redmond. We're sky lift and the wooded area -- a 112 avenue northeast here in Bellevue where -- reported last seeing sky. Unfortunately neither of those searches yielded any investigative leads. Would US say thank you go to the thousands -- -- me hundreds of volunteers that that assisted throughout the weekend on Saturday it was. It was very impressive to see the numbers turn out as they did hopeless hopeless -- searches. On Sunday we -- canvas both locations hoping to locate people that we had not yet talked to. We want to thank those who spent some time speaking with us on Sunday morning. We're following up on some of the information we received on Sunday. Today into this week. One of the things we learned Sunday morning as we spoke with people -- -- -- sort of re canvassing effort is that a few people commented they weren't sure if the information that they had was important or relevant to the investigation. And that's why they haven't come forward. So on behalf of of the investigation I want to stress the importance. Every possible piece of information that's out there. And we would really like to have people err on the side of reporting the information. Instead of holding that back and thinking that it might be irrelevant. Please if there's any doubt at all give us a call or send us an email. And let us know the information that you have so we can start to put some of the missing pieces of this puzzle together. Resources. -- want to express our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation. To the over 300 men and women that have been working on finding sky. For the past nine days. Last week and into the early parts of this weekend -- hope that after the of the weekend activity I would give you sort of an update on the status of the investigation and maybe a shift in focus or or. Something along those lines. And unfortunately at this point as I stand before you today. All theories are still viable we have not ruled anything out as a possibility in this case there were pressing forward with nothing ruled out at this point.

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{"id":14950023,"title":"Search for Sky: Over 900 Tips Received","duration":"2:53","description":"Bellevue police haven't ruled any possibilities out in missing-child case.","url":"/US/video/search-sky-metalwala-900-tips-received-14950023","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}