Seattle Cop Threatens to Make Up Evidence

Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin are suing the city for wrongful arrest.
4:38 | 02/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seattle Cop Threatens to Make Up Evidence
Josh Lawson. Christopher Franklin's. December 16 2010. Seattle police arrested them at gun -- their lives changed forever. I thought I was -- was there was more terrifying than ever this. Both men say they suffered facial bruises and swelling after one was kicked and the other manhandled into the pavement. But then listen to what an officer says after he takes them to jail. Don't you go that you. Makes the book. Listen again that would make them vote. Christopher Franklin believed him. He showed -- that he has the power to -- that is back home conducive. Nothing. Together we watch the video of their arrest they need to make this clear neither lawsuit or Franklin has a criminal record. Nor were they charged with anything after this arrest they both work full time and go to school. But the -- of their arrest they were here in this neighborhood near Seattle center. Several blocks away from where an assault was recorded -- -- -- In the 911 call a witness described those assailants it would appear to -- -- -- Boston is six foot. Frankly just 59. And they were wearing it out here but. These are the booking photos Lawson is wearing white sweat pants. Franklin's genes are allowed to fall to his knees after issues are taken away and at the scene. An officer pulls his hood up over his head I felt like you with me from Brooklyn Park. I mean these guys are guilty of being black -- yeah. Attorney Liz and the dealer represents Lawson and Franklin she police if they -- light I think the most -- would have happened with those kids. Police officer would roll down his window into the -- -- you guys over in this area. But officer Brad Richardson seen here never questions -- -- about any assault. Instead officer Richardson makes what's called a felony stop taking cover behind his door with a drawn gun. Now in this use of force report he says both men ignored his commands to stop and kept walking towards him -- a lot to see that's crazy. There's no way they keep walking towards the cop with a drawn gun. We got on the ground. He froze sort of -- moon over. So -- -- make stuff yeah. We showed Seattle police Sargent Sean Whitcomb the arrest video. He admits the comment was inappropriate but says the department's office of professional accountability. Investigated this complaint. And exonerated the officer. I can tell you we take -- seriously but people have to believe that -- trust the system that across the process. Another problem none of the arrest is caught on tape only the aftermath with -- -- angry questions of why officer Richardson. Kicked him in the face. It's. Good jacket -- believe it. Well yeah. For more than a year Tacoma for problem solvers fought to get access to SPD's video database. Knowing that dash cam videos could play a critical role -- citizen oversight of the troubled department. We are now suing SPD for what we believe is a violation of the public records act. Our investigation uncovered among other things that the department had lost tens of thousands of dash cam videos. Attorney -- -- -- contacted us wondering if her clients were among that group. And I wasn't really until you know I was able to communicate with you and your knowledge of what's out there and what the videos mean in and your investigation that it was like oh wait there's not just one video that we don't yet. There's more. The problem solvers discovered at least three other dash cam videos exist at the loss and Franklin arrest. But not -- officer Richardson during the critical time period. When he had lost in Franklin at gunpoint and later kicked Lawson are -- animal officers accountable if they don't turn cameras -- we do. We actually do what federal PA report it didn't happen in this case mom maybe not -- -- but there's other cases it's reprehensible. I just -- there's no excuse for them. We've learned that video could have been salvaged from the hard drive an officer Richardson's dash cam system. Wasn't. We continue our investigation and SPD's -- videos tomorrow with another distressing case where police had a potentially dangerous suspect holed up. But decided to walk away. Traci better -- for problem solvers.

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{"id":15599895,"title":"Seattle Cop Threatens to Make Up Evidence","duration":"4:38","description":"Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin are suing the city for wrongful arrest.","url":"/US/video/seattle-cop-threatens-to-make-up-evidence-15599895","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}