Secret Santa Helps Sandy Victims

A Missouri businessman hands out $100 bills to victims of the storm in New York and New Jersey.
1:28 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Secret Santa Helps Sandy Victims
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's really he became available workshop. -- -- -- a little bit more imminently winnable war. This past economists. And the Rosemary. -- like there's. Call him a secret Santa in the sandy -- a wealthy man from Missouri who won't give his name. Who visited storm damaged Staten Island and Elizabeth, New Jersey handing -- hundred dollar bill -- earned him lots of hugs and kisses and triggered. Plenty of tears as well but the man who keeps his identity a secret says it's not about the money. But about the random acts of kindness well done so well. And -- these bank today Chris that is -- -- I have no income rate nationally. -- -- -- kind of got a million dollars the it's. It's the house is done and we just waiting for interns to see. You know where it goes to return to replace inclusion. Turning to get power. Play acting finance and take a wild night in which. Thank you very much and that Iraq -- an -- -- -- Have you -- you know very nice earners were over in the volunteer for weeks now for -- -- give some back to us you know. -- surprise.

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{"id":17845570,"title":"Secret Santa Helps Sandy Victims","duration":"1:28","description":"A Missouri businessman hands out $100 bills to victims of the storm in New York and New Jersey.","url":"/US/video/secret-santa-helps-sandy-victims-17845570","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}