Sen. Murphy on COVID relief: ‘We don’t have the luxury of time’

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., discusses former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and trying to get bipartisan support for President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill.
6:21 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for Sen. Murphy on COVID relief: ‘We don’t have the luxury of time’
Joining us now is Connecticut democratic senator Chris Murphy senator thanks so much for your time tonight we appreciate you joining us thank you of course were sworn in just a few hours ago in the second impeachment trial of now. Former president Donald Trump you'll act. Especially as a juror but also in some cases a victim or you and your colleagues were in the capital the day the rioters stormed the building a tomorrow B three weeks since that moment can explain why you personally feel impeachment. Is necessary. I don't think you can skip the accountability phase when you've got a president Indies students considered violent insurrection against the US government. That's what happens here. Some dogs knew what was likely to happen if he turned and angry mob on the United States capitol. And in backs many of us. You know escape and our lives. Only because of the grace of god and the heroism of some of the law horse Brussels that were there. We can't excuse that behavior and though. Present troubles already out of office impeachment does come we're asks a 180. Provision to this allows the president from running in the future that's serious consequential and he's the only way to make clears of the country that everyone engaged in this. Stretched. Its. Guys you know some of your colleagues on the other side of the aisle say it impeaching a former president is unconstitutional. 45 Republicans voted as such on the senate floor this afternoon. Since this is uncharted territory here does it remain an open ended question at this point do you believe that the law is in fact on your side here and you expect the former president will also challenge the legitimacy of the trial before never even gets under way. There's no doubt then it's uncharted territory we've never tried president. Or his charm bunch we have tried a cabinet officials. After his term of office was over in the constitution doesn't make this specific provision is through which impeachment just allows you from running in this future which seems to suggest that it envisions impeachment current. Both during an official's term but also afterwards I understand it it is new territory my feeling though is that Republicans who. Booted exit. Is essentially say to trials unconstitutional. Many of them were probably just trying to avoid having to deal with this trial Ericsson just being outside a savior of the trial should be first. This poster now to come over to relief and president Biden's nearly two trillion dollar proposal that the president and his team have repeatedly said just how urgent the need is no Republican senators have so that they support this plan just yet do you expect ten Republicans and turned in good faith negotiations on this bill and if not at what point would Democrats decide you know we've got to go this alone. But any Republican whose spending time back in your state asks understand what a nightmare we are living in right now. You know there are folks going hungry schools don't have enough resources to keep the doors open safely we have a vaccine distribution system that just simply isn't working to get shots in the arms fast enough push unemployment compensation is running out in just about eight weeks we got. Fast. I don't know whether we'll get ten votes in the end but we don't have the luxury of time let's work over the next seven to fourteen days try to convince Republicans that should the country gave Joseph Biden mandate said. Six a broken coded response to get our economy restarted again bush if that you weeks from now released from now we don't have any Republican support they're just focus on anything the president wants duke. Then I think we have to go ahead and get stuff. At least two Democrats at this point have said that they would not support abolishing the legislative filibuster reminder for our viewers at home that the filibusters of the process allows the minority party to stop legislation unless it has sixty votes. A former president Barack Obama has called it a Jim Crow relic Republicans and Democrats alike can used it to their advantage over past years if Democrats run into continued stonewalling from Republicans you think your two colleagues may change their stance. Well I don't know the answer to sit back and I've always thought the filibuster is a really curious relic. You know the American renewal decided this put you Joseph Biden the White House and his party in charge of the house and the senate and the agenda we're pursuing is a pretty popular one and so the idea that a minority of senators could stand in the way of really popular things getting done I think it's just fundamentally anti democratic filibuster written into the constitution. And so and it probably is worthwhile person at least we're forming a filibuster Republicans it out when they were in charge they eliminated the filibuster Supreme Court justices maybe we can have a conversation not oath. Eliminating missile buster but I'm. I'm an anti fraud ring don't know the number of their kinds of piece of legislation that passed sixty votes instead of ocean sixty votes maybe not station we can. At lastly I want to ask you about initiative really hasn't been at the forefront of public debate recently but one did. Your very passionate about gun control he of course represented Connecticut. It's now been eight years since Tony children and six adults were shot and killed and sandy hook elementary school. There's been no real meaningful gun reform legislation since then. As you look ahead to the next two years of Democrat control in the senate but what do you view as achievable. If you need ten Republicans to support the legislation. But I believe that we can get sixty votes for universal access proposal its problems supported by 95% of Americans there's nothing in American politics say it's 95%. Of support the background checks does. I don't want to wait around for the next mass shooting in order to have this conversation that's unfortunately how. This issue in a war that Republicans. All of a sudden get instance talking about background checks to twenty people are killed let's not wait list. I'm Melissa Downes Steve Williams forge a compromise we shouldn't close. In twenty a nineteen and I were trek they would president trump on language we didn't get it all religions or he's impeachment got away. But their I think our bipartisan votes universe itself save thousands of lives in this country if we do it hopefully we'll take it up. You know soon after of these emergency. Could literally you. Economic packages are proper for the. All right senator Murphy thank you so much for your time we appreciate you coming on the show. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., discusses former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and trying to get bipartisan support for President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75501920","title":"Sen. Murphy on COVID relief: ‘We don’t have the luxury of time’","url":"/US/video/sen-murphy-covid-relief-dont-luxury-time-75501920"}