Service Dog Fitted With Prosthetic

Seizure patient's Labrador is given new leg made by specialists in Florida.
2:08 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Service Dog Fitted With Prosthetic
When chick with a puppy his alma Ryan had a seizure. He took off. Random and -- have five blocks away. And we notified her. Since that episode Jake's been with -- through about thirty seizures come behind me in the news was Obama. And held there and I'm out of here today it's -- turned for help them have lost -- that it -- Ryan adopted -- and later discovered -- teacher assistant -- Jake does his job well with 3-D now giants -- static kill his mobility and guard against infection. I know I would. Chance is a good golly he deserves you know he deserves -- -- You don't get one. Dini Edmonds on -- -- -- what sonic and prosthetics specialty. He and fellow what that is Clifford Trier have 66 years of experience between them. Building including -- legs Jake -- their first -- patient at first Jake is patient. But after a couple of tries he -- but not Clifford. Police made it safe -- said it's time to check the perfect fit. Struggles play for keeps trying. He has patting her grip. Support her student numbered among laid down for more than an hour -- -- -- teens finally takes given a little sensation. Ed says such anxiety is common for human patients and communicate and he does not doubt that -- we'll eventually accept this -- -- The next -- can't -- relaxes and it's time to try again this time it's quite honestly reflect. It takes a key -- A line at says Jake just me so little time in practice writes -- I think it's awesome I mean and this floored room. I really am amazement. Bryant says he has search for experts all over to help him his dog. And -- -- right here at home. There an awesome team. Definitely very devoted and dedicated to what they're doing. Kept turning on channel three news.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Seizure patient's Labrador is given new leg made by specialists in Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15059782","title":"Service Dog Fitted With Prosthetic ","url":"/US/video/service-dog-fitted-prosthetic-leg-15059782"}