Service Dog Helps Man With Brain Injury

Labrador helps Missouri man with mobility, opening doors and fetching tools.
1:17 | 03/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Service Dog Helps Man With Brain Injury
This dog is more than just a new family pet. He's -- Trammell chance on a normal life. Very excited very -- It changed our -- Trammell was hit -- The head with the track so while on the job at the railroad four years ago it left him with a brain injury he's been trying to overcome ever cents. Because there were other problems. And loses balance problem. And an image problem. How often get lost out in the woods. Since then Trammell has been trying to work on his -- arm. Doing things like growing tomatoes or some additional income. I've been in Italy driveway. Knocked out more than once. And that. And -- won't find me. -- life. Nearly a year ago. -- contacted -- ability a project created to assist people with disabilities who work in agriculture they recommended what they call off -- dog to exist. -- ability got a hold of the -- Labrador Retriever rescue in Ohio. That trains dogs for service skills they chose this yellow lab and spent months training him Trammell named his dog -- Cody is really just designed for Bruce and Bruce is big thing was an ability he just wants to be able to walk and not use his scooter. Now when travel is working at his farm he has someone to lean on in more ways than one. -- were to fall Cody with a come coming in will go to him and allow -- to pull himself onto the dog. And and bode will walk away so -- -- that would pull himself up. So that he doesn't have -- until somebody -- In addition is also trying to open borders and -- rules Trammell is overjoyed about his new friend. -- -- -- -- Just I just can't believe it. I dream come true. So go everywhere I go. From the state for. -- Kingston Missouri. Alex Hassell ABC news.

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{"id":15923701,"title":"Service Dog Helps Man With Brain Injury","duration":"1:17","description":"Labrador helps Missouri man with mobility, opening doors and fetching tools.","url":"/US/video/service-dog-helps-man-brain-injury-15923701","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}