Service Dog's Licks Save Woman's Life

Bethe Bennett was woken up by her dog after passing out from a fall.
1:20 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Service Dog's Licks Save Woman's Life
Knew he had to jump into action Danny the dog is taking a well deserved rest now and that Bennett is just glad he still -- side. I would still be there to someone -- There was no way I could move. I have a very bad for action. This fell last Friday's game and she says it was not a pretty fall. I was twisted so I didn't hit my bomber anything -- -- on on that hit and I heard it crack. I heard it crack and the -- I tried to move. I passed out. When she came to she says Danny was licking her face. And a scary is that -- was she says there was one thought scarier. Her dog would be the only one who could help I starts -- OK Danny need to get mommy -- phone. Get me the phone as a service start this -- is used to healthy but it's been years since he's had to do something like it's. It didn't finish because event at fourteen knew what -- IA I was saying any man -- looked at the founding then back when he backed -- meaning men back to -- back and forth a couple of times and you know barking. And then it got up on the couch got up on the desk that says she's in good hands here banner thunderbird but last Friday. She was in good thoughts I tell him he saved my life. Mean I never dreamed he would save my life in Glendale Adam Slinger ABC fifteen news.

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{"id":15482436,"title":"Service Dog's Licks Save Woman's Life","duration":"1:20","description":"Bethe Bennett was woken up by her dog after passing out from a fall.","url":"/US/video/service-dogs-licks-save-womans-life-15482436","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}