Sex abuse victim: Ex-gymnastics doctor 'fractured' my family

Kyle Stephens spoke at the sentencing hearing for disgraced Michigan sports doctor Larry Nassar.
3:30 | 01/16/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sex abuse victim: Ex-gymnastics doctor 'fractured' my family
My name is Cat Stevens. Up until this point I didn't know his victims he ain't our campaign racked. I was the first test I in this case and where it the attention that could cover that asked for complete immunity. This process has been horrific. But surprisingly therapeutic. And it definitely would publicly today as a final step in a statement to myself that it nothing to be ashamed. And that lane after when I was somewhere around the age of five years old. Maybe in Sydney come close friends with Leary and his wife Stephanie. They're all medical professionals easier passion for the subject. Most Sundays stepping in my mother would cook dinner together for both inmates. We shared sporting events holidays and many weekends between. It was during this time I ask me how is approximately six years old Larry yes there began sexually abused me. He brings exposed as easily in a dark wearing her in the basement. He told me if you ever want to see it all you have to do it acts. He is his power as an adult to manipulate me. Over his six year period cedar crest from exposure. To masturbating in front me well playing heightened Zeke. Running his beard he is unlike bear heat and penetrating my vagina with his fingers. Which took place would make parents miss it blame his wife and his children in the same house. I was twelve years old and I told my parents when they are about Mickey he's as his yes. But he's confronted him and he denied any such action. Due to complex deep down they won't get into here. My hands chose to believe there yes are over me. India between twelve and eighteen. Operating and attaching my handling. To my father. So McNamee says he is false accusations is the worst person. He's only that I didn't seeped into the foundation of our relationship. I think yeah okay. Here is don't you leave the holidays and they're eight. It was influenza not going to college. When my father again in the heat of August card. Mentioned another chance cleaning. Yes I thought that I wasn't I'm definitely a net and indeed sexually abused me. Yeah. Significant English. But I hurt worse. As a last night bother me what he would let me there. My father did and that has ever had a relationship. Before he committed to resign and do and sixteen. Even my father was experiencing debilitating health issues. Spell in I had made the shame and don't loading. Let's send a news event that winning math. I believe he would've had vengeance for his life. They can ask their questions up between myself and my family. He's as leverage as many hands trusted friend to pry this apart. Until fractured. In fact we did. My relationship with my mother is still marvel that pain anger and resentment. And for a long time I thought people that I did not have him.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Kyle Stephens spoke at the sentencing hearing for disgraced Michigan sports doctor Larry Nassar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52378489","title":"Sex abuse victim: Ex-gymnastics doctor 'fractured' my family","url":"/US/video/sex-abuse-victim-gymnastics-doctor-fractured-family-52378489"}