Sex Offender Pleads Guilty in Dancer's Death

Michael Mele admitted killing Laura Garza in his upstate N.Y. apartment.
2:31 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Sex Offender Pleads Guilty in Dancer's Death
-- guilty plea from a convicted sex offender on trial for killing an inspiring dancer. But he met at a Manhattan nightclub three years ago. Michael mealy pleaded guilty to manslaughter late this morning Eyewitness News reporter -- miles was there she joins us live outside of the courthouse. In Goshen New York -- -- good morning. Good afternoon. -- -- -- That's right good afternoon Michelle this morning however. -- assistant district attorney Kelly -- started off by announcing a plea agreement with the consent of the family was very surprising everyone. In court this morning because everyone was prepared to hear opening statements any -- all of the evidence presented at trial. Now the Garza family's that they just found out about this plea deal yesterday they say any deal that reduces the time that -- would possibly spend behind bars. Is absolutely not what they want. But it also not -- 23 years it's nothing says Elizabeth Esquivel that's the number of years Michael Beasley has been in jail for murdering her daughter Laura Garza. Monday morning is -- a plea deal. He pled guilty to first degree manslaughter and evidence tampering. By doing this convicted sex offender avoided a possible life sentence for murder and avoided revealing the details his client to Garza -- moms who go. This is not just as we do not agree with what happened here it really did -- he took Garza back to his apartment in December 2008. He says she got upset when she found out he had a girlfriend. He tried to calm her down saying quote. I put my hands around her mouth and partially her nose shortly after that she stopped breathing and I knew something bad had happened. I panicked and instead of calling 911 I decided to dispose of the body I myself. Essentially he engaged in -- risk vs reward analysis this affords me opportunities not have a life sentence. They'll -- -- little -- twenty years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This but on the -- -- liberals are horse I've waited three years to look at in the eyes and this time I had the opportunity to -- -- face to face but the police were in front of him and I couldn't see. This omitting ultimately admit -- let me in yeah. This man has destroyed my family I'm -- now. Now -- faces 23 years for the first degree manslaughter yeah charged. For the evidence tampering charge she faces one to three years those sentences would run concurrently. He will returned to -- county courthouse for sentencing in March and the Garza family is expected to speak and reporting live in -- -- miles channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15422118,"title":"Sex Offender Pleads Guilty in Dancer's Death","duration":"2:31","description":"Michael Mele admitted killing Laura Garza in his upstate N.Y. apartment.","url":"/US/video/sex-offender-pleads-guilty-dancers-death-15422118","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}