Shark Attack: Woman Punches 12-Foot Beast

Mariko Haugen credits her martial arts training for scaring off the tiger shark in Maui.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Shark Attack: Woman Punches 12-Foot Beast
-- -- -- -- And I -- like kind of day it was a picture perfect visit to now especially from -- Hogan. On face Burke Don Hogan called -- A beautiful -- of a wife who is completely home in the ocean where almost facts or just 45 feet away when things took a daunting turn I didn't hear pen like noise noise and you don't really act. People yelling -- Marie whose husband posted this picture of the tiger shark. One that looks exactly like one that came after his wife -- and the Skype -- -- you know you see the big. This big does -- you Marico with terrifying but that didn't stopper. I punched it twice with its hand. The pension this way and not knowing contacted the different kind of hit the side in -- -- night connect credit my training martial arts. -- -- -- -- To prepare me. To learn how to punch. Fortunately the shark took off. To nine Rico's right hand -- fire ban engaged she escaped the worst of but she does have some stitches and 67 and went less than I thought. And I think we're -- and really lucky. Rico is also deeply grateful to the two women from British Columbia who helped comfort her -- her how she talked to one of them on the phone tonight. I was so. Terrified and you're the only thing I can concentrate on that mean -- -- -- -- It's a frightening ordeal but they survived. And -- can say that she fended off the shark with not one but two punches in people's sense -- in -- -- --

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{"id":17606638,"title":"Shark Attack: Woman Punches 12-Foot Beast","duration":"3:00","description":"Mariko Haugen credits her martial arts training for scaring off the tiger shark in Maui.","url":"/US/video/shark-attack-woman-punches-12-foot-beast-17606638","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}