Shark Sighting at Santa Barbara Beach

A surfer says he saw what he believed to be a great white shark at Leadbetter Beach.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for Shark Sighting at Santa Barbara Beach
A surfer spotted what he believes it was a great white shark Tuesday evening -- the water off Ledbetter beach. He describes it as six to seven feet law it has swimmers on -- I like the spear -- and -- and I've been concerned -- little bit spear fishing net and carried a bag of you know lead if it means the surfers said he spotted the shark just five feet from shore right here off Leadbetter point. Two -- were out of the water and he says he felt obligated to tell someone. I think it's really prudent of the city to close the area -- people -- Sharks an incident occurred at Ledbetter -- shall find signs alerting beach goers these -- campers say they were told to stay out of the water. I wonder why -- probably scared he added. This makes. Let's just yet on NBC. And an excuse scrape marks in a Barbara marine mammal center experts believe this harbor seal was attacked by -- great white shark over the weekend and the animals struggle to get away and it scraped and marine center experts report six shark sightings this summer and just Santa Barbara County. They say that number is high but perhaps what's more unusual the recent attacks involve relatively small sharks attacking big -- It could be -- -- to -- Could be that there's more sharks who have limited food. The church are competing with one another. -- -- -- -- Meanwhile signs that Ledbetter will be up through Thursday at last there are more sightings swimmers are being told -- -- the ocean at their own risk. In Santa Barbara Ryan Carmel Keating.

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{"id":17015128,"title":"Shark Sighting at Santa Barbara Beach","duration":"3:00","description":"A surfer says he saw what he believed to be a great white shark at Leadbetter Beach.","url":"/US/video/shark-sighting-santa-barbara-california-beach-17015128","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}