Sheriff recorded making racial remarks resigns

A spokesman for Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino announced Saudino's resignation Friday along with the resignations of four undersheriffs.
2:49 | 09/21/18

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Transcript for Sheriff recorded making racial remarks resigns
At this racist remarks the reported a share in New Jersey resigning this afternoon effective immediately apologies order not to say Bergen County sheriff Michael saw Dino. That mounting calls for his resignation reaching a crescendo it is a reporter Anthony Johnson does live in Hackensack Anthony. Yet appears that the sheriff was tried to withstand all the heat on the presser. Yesterday evening he issued a statement apologizing to all the people that he offended saying that he planned to stay on the job at 3 o'clock this afternoon. A statement came out saying that the sheriff where and for the staff members we're going to step down. That was going to take place immediately apparently he found out that support was very hard to plot. There had been a groundswell of opposition but sheriff Michael sight you know was trying to withstand the wave of protest. Voices are being raised all day long calling for him to step down to end the drama after his offensive comments became public. We shouldn't be having this discussion Anthony this man should resign yet out of public life. Give up his job and let us move on. What's the sheriff did it this afternoon. But the opposition was echoed by the Bergen County executive wet talk directly to the sheriff and told him to step aside if. The sheriff does the right thing in and steps aside. I believe. I have the utmost confidence in the sheriff's department and in our law enforcement community here. That will will be able to move forward his comments were difficult for many to here. Brewers look about what. They want smoke the marijuana in his duties today or about. Look. It is he didn't it was. The comments offending blacks the state attorney general group B here agree well because of the sick heritage and the lieutenant governor as a single woman to serve called today. The attorney general made this statement about the sheriff's unchallenged remarks. The fact that a top official can make racists comments about the African American community. And that no one in the room with challenged or correct Jim raises serious concerns. The decision by the sheriff to step down had to support of union members who were not pleased. With his management style and offensive language I'm sorry that the sheriff of this counting the people that voted for him had to endure this. The burden people Burton Joni but these are much better. Now this Jeff apparently made his racist remarks and not long after governor Murphy's swearing and there was office that was back. And January of course the statements came public as of yesterday. And a lot of officials here are glad that he's decided to go ahead and step down. That is let's live from Hackensack, New Jersey Anthony Johnson shuttles them out with its.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"A spokesman for Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino announced Saudino's resignation Friday along with the resignations of four undersheriffs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57997186","title":"Sheriff recorded making racial remarks resigns","url":"/US/video/sheriff-recorded-making-racial-remarks-resigns-57997186"}