The 6 Strangest Things Self-Help Gurus Have Told Me

ABC News' Dan Harris tells you all about his search for a better outlook in his new book, "10% Happier."
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for The 6 Strangest Things Self-Help Gurus Have Told Me
Diamond necklace -- what. I can get that I think -- about. Not just thinking about it that's one of the biggest misconceptions of all you have to take action it's just not thinking it's thinking coupled with action. Isn't -- a statement of the glaring we obviously think it's in the news the most -- most people -- if he -- -- -- you have to want it and then try to get it they're going to put it that way it sounds silly at. Yes actually you know a pretty -- analysts. But here's a thing I know many people Francis of the Jewish. Faith and heritage to don't necessarily believe that the Holocaust was bad. Now that might that might be shocking to you but -- had I had people on record who have said -- There's a lot of good things that came out of that a lot of lessons a lot of opportunities for the world. You know what are we what are we perceive as bad if we're only looking from the third dimension than certain things yes appear to be heinous or bad. And yet. Possibly there's a higher power. Don't you ever get -- annoyed irritated sad. Anything negative. No I accept what is. And that's by life has becomes a symbol both somebody cuts you often and in their yen in your car. It's -- it's like sudden gust of wind I don't possible -- a gust of wind. Them all and sold its simply want it is. And you're able to enjoy every moment you if -- start asking that kind of annoying questions. Yes that would be fine so it's -- don't -- -- Ha ha ha -- It's finding -- becoming friendly just with the business of this moment. -- your mind doesn't -- you don't find yourself thinking about things that are. In the past her in the future as opposed -- in the present I have dual. Regrets that book -- two. Resentments and grievances that come from the bus and -- and -- -- -- A living room. A case of what the moment is horrible what if you really get to the bathroom and toilet near buyer what -- -- super hundred. A separate myself from the situation zoning movement the movement is on his street. This situation -- in the moment amid the agonizing today -- thank interpret the mood of the situation that's do we tell me regret that I mean again you. If it's a sort of a mind trick. It's not to mention that sixty to -- -- to -- team president -- -- what do this situation is Google+. Good of that. It's an -- -- anything that remains the -- present moment is the only moment that dividends so when your president don't listen to the present moment. His view -- -- human movement that vivid and it's. It is you know renew its unit to a movie it's that -- -- -- them. Politics to -- infant from. I haven't had so much is -- called for over a decade. And I'm not boasting. This is the fact and I travel over 200 days a year I'm on airplanes people continuously tell me -- in other so many germs on airplanes -- there are germs and guess what germs do affect cute. If your immune system is suppressed and if your thought processes and your energy vibration is such that those germs can get and and in Beijing but if you keep your energy behind you keep your immune system prompt. Then again. I'm Glenn living -- over a decade I have not had a cold so much is -- -- really haven't. How did you do. And it's equality of feeling our conditioning is when somebody tells you are sick you accept it. And then you start trying to get better quantum principles so as you start with the outcome -- feel the feeling. To the best -- your ability. As if the healing has already occurred. It sounds so subtle in and people say -- splitting hairs but that quality of feeling. Is what triggers this powerful electrical magnetic field -- body and I I believe that's what happened.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris tells you all about his search for a better outlook in his new book, \"10% Happier.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22811316","title":"The 6 Strangest Things Self-Help Gurus Have Told Me","url":"/US/video/shortcuts-wrong-turns-road-happiness-22811316"}