Sick Boy Becomes Firefighter For a Day

Make-A-Wish helps town of Sheboygan firefighters.
1:57 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Sick Boy Becomes Firefighter For a Day
I let -- Maybe you. Hello -- that classroom is just the start of surprises. Which is coming true. Million fixing. Seen Ryan -- so much. Just the medicine has told families -- Ryan has had a difficult -- -- is actually undiagnosed. And I'm not medical disorder they -- -- affects every part of the body tell me. Where it's like being sick. Exactly. And he has eight shots but -- at Texas -- -- -- Make -- wish recruited the town of Sheboygan fire department -- -- favor. They've made Ryan an honorary member and even had a uniform made for him. I gotta go look at -- -- Ramirez Reyes got an outside the exit glory took a ride -- one -- and officials safety Jack. Ryan had more to smile -- he's going to Disney World. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's me until the family can't thank the firefighters and make a wish had not. That -- Madison and I -- addicts and then any other could be. On it's it's a blessing Ryan's dad sees this special day. As a great lasting family memories make -- -- -- haven't -- that but quite that they want. The bulls will look back their -- -- vote. Today everything feels okay. And thanks to the chance to Ryan enjoying every minute of the special exactly smile. After --

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{"id":23307731,"title":"Sick Boy Becomes Firefighter For a Day","duration":"1:57","description":"Make-A-Wish helps town of Sheboygan firefighters.","url":"/US/video/sick-boy-firefighter-day-23307731","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}