Sick Boy Granted Royal Wish

Make-A-Wish Foundation builds a castle for New Hampshire boy with rare disease.
1:27 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Sick Boy Granted Royal Wish
A little boy's wish to -- to a dream come true that's fit for a king in mind blowing its. More than I could have -- Twelve year old -- Carrasco was diagnosed dismally time and expenses. Rare tumor causing disease that he's battled for half a decade. The Nicholas foundation celebrated its 1000. To wish -- making decent stream of real life counseling into reality. As a gigantic courtyard in the -- off two rooms off Tina either side. Arm and a great karma back and a big catwalk going around Wednesday -- the big deal that's well. That was constructed over several months was presented sixteen -- fit in front of all his seventh grade and middle school -- David has big plans for his 24 by 24 foot stone and -- castle artists started planning wars -- party. -- even the governor took -- tour of the masterpiece. David's father says this which took his mind off of exhausting chemotherapy. And he's grateful his son is experiencing true happiness. The anticipation of this. You know when he's when he's been through the dark periods. That's just something that's just -- Raise the -- so much. A boy's wish -- -- complaining and whining. Have a -- kidnapping Melinda Davenport WM who -- he's nine.

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{"id":15460306,"title":"Sick Boy Granted Royal Wish","duration":"1:27","description":"Make-A-Wish Foundation builds a castle for New Hampshire boy with rare disease.","url":"/US/video/sick-boy-granted-royal-15460306","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}