'Skate-Bombing' Gets Punishment OK in L.A.

Los Angeles City Council ordinance gives police more power to ticket reckless skateboarders.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Skate-Bombing' Gets Punishment OK in L.A.
-- skeet bombing you can probably see why in this video posted by -- bombers on YouTube. Skaters barrel down hills often running through stop signs and lights swerving around cars sometimes even being towed my car it's. -- -- -- -- There's the feel good do -- right through incest from being -- I'm longing for a little while but then I came back because. I'm getting an award. Yeah but now the City Council has put an end to that or at least designated a punishment for -- A fine of up to 250 dollars for -- bombing and officers can even confiscate the skateboards at their discretion. It will become law within the next thirty days councilman Joseph -- -- -- I'll let the chart. It's our objective today was to prohibit recklessly -- our streets we've seen it. -- -- -- and fortunately and its attending chicken Los Angeles where we are sending a message that. Skateboarding is still allowed city Los Angeles but do it safe play -- by the rules of the road. The ordinance came after two teen deaths in less than a year more kids right -- and concern for the community Jim -- says injuries are common place on the -- -- hill where he lists. A year ago guy. Actually ran into the back of my car -- buses in the we went to call the paramedics form I don't know how are you guy here would come back on his -- ward. The ordinance makes it illegal to escape -- faster than ten miles per hour through an intersection or -- -- while hanging onto a vehicle. Skaters also have to stand upright on -- skate sports. In San Pietro -- bishop -- ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":16957586,"title":"'Skate-Bombing' Gets Punishment OK in L.A.","duration":"3:00","description":"Los Angeles City Council ordinance gives police more power to ticket reckless skateboarders.","url":"/US/video/skate-bombing-gets-punishment-approval-in-los-angeles-16957586","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}